What Do YOU Want to Learn?

Lori Kennedy, Log Cabin

Good Morning, Quilters!

I need YOUR help.

After turning in Book 2, I started thinking…(always dangerous…)

I was thinking about two things and I realized they are one in the same…

What would Book 3 look like?   What do readers of The Inbox Jaunt want to learn?

Lori Kennedy, Log Cabin

I’m guessing you want to see/learn more about how to use the motifs in blocks and quilts.

That is why we are doing our Spring Quilt-a-Long.

Lori Kennedy, Log Cabin

If so…what blocks should we focus on?

What are YOUR favorites?  What blocks are in YOUR quilts?  What blocks are the most challenging to FMQ?

Lori Kennedy, Log Cabin


Is there anything else YOU would like to learn?  Do you want more info on piecing? Appliqué?  Sewing machine tips?  Do you prefer long tutorials? Quick Tips?  Should we doodle more?  Color theory?  Mix it up?

Or should we just focus on machine quilting?  Do you have enough resources for other things?

I have been quilting a long time…machine quilting is my favorite, but I could do tutorials on other things?…

Can we make The Inbox Jaunt even better?

Suggestions please!

What do YOU want to learn?

We’d LOVE to hear!


The Inbox Jaunt  has beat the blogging odds and turns FIVE soon.  I need a plan so we can celebrate more birthdays together!

PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, pin or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at lckennedy@hotmail.com.  Thanks!




100 thoughts on “What Do YOU Want to Learn?

  1. Wow you sure asked for it and got it!!! I would like to have ideas on quilting applique quilts. Like the quilt I am currently trying to figure out, I wanted to do feathers on it but every design I come up with the feather runs into an applique. I don’t want to quilt over an applique but I also don’t want to stop and start all the time. I love all your tutorials and so look forward to the next one every day!

  2. I have no idea how to quilt an applique block. So much time is spent on the block so I think the quilting should be simple, but….?….a few echo stitches may not even get in between the applique pieces.

  3. Hi Lori, All your stuff is just wonderful and very helpful. I have always loved the look of thread painting, so that is one. And the next is dong ruler/template work on a domestic machine, which seems to be the big wave now. I would love to learn both. Thanks for asking. But anything you choose will be great….Hugs to you. Claudia

  4. Hi Lori, I would like to know how do you decide how to quilt the quilt. Sometimes I can look at one and think I know how I am going to quilt it and then the ones I do not have a clue on how to quilt it.

    • That’s one of my problems too…I freeze and waffle on how to quilt so much that I procrastinate way too long! I also don’t want to do really close quilting on lap size quilts and would love lots of ideas for larger motifs for overall quilting 🙂

  5. I don’t think my comment was delivered and I didn’t copy paste, so I think it’s lost. 😣

  6. Hi Lori — I LOVE your FMQ tutorials. I am not much of an artist – so it’s so-o-o helpful that you show us how to draw/doodle something step by step. Keep doing that! I bought your first book and have read it cover to cover. I already quilted a lap size quilt using two of your flower designs. I would agree with several of the other commenters with recommendations for how to quilt a finished top. Maybe show examples of different kinds of quilting on the same blocks. How to tie blocks together with a unified theme – for example do you do all floral designs, would it be more effective to mix straight lines with curved lines. I also love the quilt alongs — makes practicing FMQ fun. Thanks for all you do!!

  7. Your request for info on what to work toward is fantastic. Teachers do not always ask the students what they might like to learn or what the topic should be. You will certainly grow and so will your loyal followers through this effort. Every teacher I have ever had always taught me something that I could put in my tool box for future projects. I have your books and your Craftsy classes and I refer to them often. Keep up the great work.

  8. I have been making church seasons banners & would like something that blends in with the background & will not distract from the applique. Not necessarily just lines. Like simple stars with lines connecting. Thanks.

  9. I’m not sure there is a magic formula but I would like to know what machine quilting designs to choose for different areas of the quilt. It takes me so long to decide what I design I want on the quilt.

  10. It seems like almost all of the comments are from accomplished quilters. I enjoy piecing and then that top gets stacked with others because I am intimidated by where to start the quilting process. I’m sure I am not the only one standing off to the side, watching in awe at the ability and confidence of those accomplished quilters. They too were beginners once and though an entire book need not be dedicated to the first steps, perhaps a few tutorials on the baby steps to get started; a little hand holding if you will.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing skills and beautiful work and for your inquiry as to what we will be interested in learning on our journey to be more creative.

  11. How do you suggest quilting english paper pieced quilts? Grandma’s flower garden, patchwork of the crosses, etc. I have an in/out ribbon quilt in my queue also.

  12. I would love to learn about quilting medallion style quilts, especially those using log cabin style blocks.

  13. Hi Lori,
    Firstly, many congratulations on such a long running and productive blog! What an amazing amount of work and how generous you have been. I have been following you for over 3 years, and yours is the only blog I read that is allowed to email straight to my primary inbox! You have great content, but it’s more than that. One of the things that makes your blog stand out is that it stays on topic and any given post is worth checking out. I have been so pleased to see this focus and hard work paying off for you.
    I think that you should not stray too far from the “Doodle to Design” FMQ niche that you are becoming so renowned for, even though I am sure you could write amazing content on other things. The desire to know how to FMQ a quilt appeals to such a wide-range of quilters – it is the point at which all your readers are united and it is what they follow you for. My first thought in response to your question was that you should start writing about how to apply your process to pieced and appliquéd quilts. As I look through the comments, I see that I am not alone – there seems to be a resounding call for this!
    Looking forward to many more FMQ adventures in my inbox!

  14. I loved loved your book! You do an extrodinary job of taking a complicated stitching design and breaking it down into doable steps. You also do a great job of then writing the steps to make them easy to follow. I liked all the information you gave at the beginning of your book especially the surgeons knot that has already come in handy. I find that I check the designs often for inspiration on my quilts. With this being said, I think your next book also needs to include many new designs using the same format as the last book. I also agree that giving some hints and steps for how to choose a good design would also be nice. Just remember to include lots of new designs as this was why I bought the first book and look forward to the next. You can never have too many quilting designs in your tool box.

  15. Thanks for asking! I would really like more information in a few areas:
    1. How to select motifs for areas in a quilt to get a truly harmonious, “it all works together” look in the quilting. I still get that stuck feeling when I see “quilt as desired”.
    2. Any tips and tricks for how to execute the quilting process – Tricks that help with basting – pin basting, spray basting, hand basting. SinD, all seams or between blocks, or??? What areas to quilt first, what to quilt next?
    3. Tips and advice on choosing battings and quilting threads.
    Thanks for all of the good information that you share with all of us in your blogs.

  16. I feel stymied when I need to quilt in traditionally pieced blocks. I’m not talking an overall pattern but more like custom quilting.

  17. I love your first book and will buy your second. in fact, your third book too! 🙂 I love your doodles for free motion and hope to see more, i’d like to see blocks with different quilting designs, and since modern quilts are also popular, how YOU would approach quilting those.

  18. I love your idea of adding quilting to blocks! I am struggling with one right now.

  19. So, after reading comments yesterday and while walking on the treadmill today, I came up with this idea. Next book–A Quilting Project with Lori Kennedy–Book 1
    This book would focus on the quilting aspect of a large wall hanging (a square of about 40-50 inches or rectangle 40-50 X 50-60). I would like it to be a medallion quilt. The center of the quilt would be an vase of appliqued flowers with plenty of negative space around it. There would be a series of borders (at least one or two pieced). Chapter 1: Piecing the quilt. The book would assume you already know how to piece and applique. It would be very simple directions focusing on measurements needed and types of units etc. No explanations of how to make HST, flying geese etc. You could refer to your blog or your friend’s blogs for more info.
    Chapter 2–Quilting the medallion–here is where you shine! Take it step by step.
    Chapter 3–Quilting the first border
    Chapter 4–Quilting border #2 etc….

    Book 2: A Quilting Project with Lori Kennedy–Book 2. This one could be a lap quilt or a few table runners etc.

    You could incorporate some of your get up and move ideas and ergonomics for quilting in your books too. Healthy living tips.

  20. I like large basic (not too detailed) quilts. Less systematic more free form. Information on battings for this type of quilts.

  21. Hi been quilting for only 5 years and that’s been limited. Retirement this fall so would like to know how to best quilt squares whole cloth and more doodling please
    Gloria (Moorhead MN)

  22. I have some beautiful panels…and…how do I make them into quilts? (I don’t want to make wall hangings) THANKS!

  23. I would love to have a go to book of ideas on how to FMQ quilts for Christmas, Fall/Autumn, Spring, etc. I also like the idea of having multiple ways to quilt a specific block like log cabin, nine patch, stars etc. My biggest challenge is trying to figure out what I can do with my quilting that will enhance my quilts. I can practice individual feathers (or any other motif) all day long but if I can’t figure out how to incorporate it on the quilt then all the practice is wasted. Much of your work is shown on solid fabric (which is great because we can see the design) but rarely do I have solid fabrics on quilts. I’ve often thought if I had someway to take a picture of a quilt top and send it to you to get suggestions on motifs to use and placement ideas it would be great. Once I got started I’m sure I would need the help less and less but as a fairly new “long armer” I still struggle with this aspect. Often I look at a quilt for over an hour just trying to figure out what I can do to add interest and not take away from the overall design of the quilt and beautiful fabrics.

    • Lynne you are not alone! This is a struggle for all quilters! I laughed when I read you looked at a quilt for an hour to figure out how to quilt it.–I once spent three months looking at how to quilt a log cabin quilt! Im going to work on some guidelines. It may take some time.

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