Half Square Triangles-Method 2 (Quilt-a-Long)

Triangles on a Roll, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

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We need 40 (or more)  Half Square Triangles (HST) for our Spring Quilt-a-Long.

While there are many ways to create HST, I am sharing a few of my favorite ways and would love to hear yours!

Yesterday, we looked at how to make HST when using small scraps. (Step-by-step photo tutorial HERE)


Several readers reminded me of a way to make these squares even more accurate!

  • Cut the squares a wee bit larger–3 inches (instead of the annoying 2-7/8).
  • Then stitch the blocks as shown–across the diagonal.
  • Iron Press as usual.
  • Then trim to the desired size.

Thank you, ladies for the reminder of this method!


Another very accurate way to make several HSTs is to use Triangles on a Roll.

With this method, you can create many blocks very quickly and accurately.

Triangles on a Roll come in a variety of sizes…be sure to pick up the correct size.–For the Spring Quilt-a-Long, I used 2 inch finished.

Any size will work for this project!–use what YOU have!

NOTE- I love the 2 inch finished size because it fits on a 6 inch roll of pre-cut fabric (like Boundless Solids HERE)

Triangles on a Roll, Lori KennedyTriangles on a Roll, Lori Kennedy

If you want to create many HST, roll out as much of the paper as will fit on your fabric.

To create 8 HST, cut off one square of the fabric (see below).  Cut on the dark line, very carefully!

Layer two pieces of fabric, right sides together and position the paper on top.

Triangles on a Roll, Lori Kennedy

Shorten the stitch length and sew on all of the dotted lines.

You can stitch off the paper and back on again without cutting your threads.

Sew very accurately!


With a few quick (but accurate) slashes of your rotary cutter, separate the HST.

Triangles on a Roll, Lori Kennedy

With the paper still on, trim off the corners.

Triangles on a Roll, Lori Kennedy

Peel away the paper…

And iron press your HST!

Triangles on a Roll, Lori Kennedy

Very accurate, very quick HST!

Like eating popcorn…

You won’t want to stop!

You only need 40 for our project, but an extra long table runner would sure look nice with a huge bouquet of lilacs!

Happy Stitching!


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12 thoughts on “Half Square Triangles-Method 2 (Quilt-a-Long)

  1. Triangles on a Roll is The Fat Quarter Shop’s Notion of the Month for May. (Don’t know if you allow this, so feel free to remove my comment if not allowed.) Just thought I’d pass that along.

  2. I like the paper method, but sometimes a size is required that isn’t available in that product. It’s easy enough to make you own grid like that – a combination of today and yesterday’s methods. For those who don;t care to paper piece, there’s nothing to throw away.

    Your table runner is such a nice and bright color combination, Lori!

  3. I use Thangles for HSTs and iron first, THEN remove the papers. That way they don’t iron out of shape.

  4. There is a company who makes a ruler (F & P) that I use. It is narrow. you put it diaginally on your fabric square or stack of squares and draw your sewing lines on either side of the ruler. Then cut inbetween those lines and there you have your triangles.

  5. Accuquilt has a die cutter that will cut 36 sets of 2 1/2″ unfinished at one time. With the corners trimmed. Love it! You can layer six fabrics and still cut accurately.

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