The Bicycle-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

Good Morning, Quilters!

Spring is in the air–and it’s time to pump up those bike tires!

When you’re back from your cruise, add a two wheeler to your next quilt!

This adorable motif stands alone…you don’t need stitch rows of bicycles–though you can if you want.

Just tuck a quilted Bicycle into your other quilting for a little Springtime surprise–

It will add a little fun and personality to your next quilt!


Begin by drawing two parallel lines.  Add a large counter clockwise Silly Spiral (tutorial HERE)  to fill the space between the drawn lines.

Complete the large Silly Spiral on the right side.

Stitch over several stitches, then add another Silly Spiral–with just two revolutions.

End on the right side.

Add a third large Silly Spiral ending on the left side of the Spiral.
Add an line angled up and to the right.  Then add two handlebar loops.

If you would like, add a basket on the front of the bike at this time.

Closely echo stitch the front line.

Add another straight line, angled back and to the left, ending above the back tire. Add an oval shaped spiral to create a seat.

End the spiral on the lower part of the “seat”.  Then stitch down into the center of the first spiral.

I hope this does not seem difficult…

It’s really just three spirals, and a few simple lines.

So take it for ride…and of course,

Doodle First!

What about YOU?

Do YOU still ride a bike?

Does a bike represent Spring and Freedom to YOU?

What other symbols make YOU smile?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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PS…This tutorial was stitched with Aurifil cotton 50 wt in the bobbin and Sulky 40wt Rayon on top on my lovely BERNINA 770QE.


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