A Whole Cloth Baby Quilt


Whole Cloth Baby Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

Have the singing birds been waking you up each morning?

Spring is finally here!


I recently finished this baby quilt for a friend’s granddaughter.

It started with lots of doodling!!!

Whole Cloth Baby Quilt, Lori Kennedy

I used a horizontal composition…(remember compositional styles from my first Craftsy video, Divide and Conquer:  Creative Machine Quilting)?

And I added a strong diagonal element–the Umbrella, (The Open Umbrella-page 130 of your books!)  Baby Carriage and Kite--create a diagonal line and focal point across the center of the quilt.

Whole Cloth Baby Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Whole Cloth Baby Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Once the basic framework was stitched (Divide and Conquer), I began filling in the rows with a wide variety of motifs:  Circles, page 133, The Picket Fence-page 36,  Tulips page 104, Lollipop flowers page 91…. Just flip through the book, I’m sure there’s more!

Whole Cloth Baby Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Whole Cloth Baby Quilt, Lori Kennedy


I don’t want to show the whole quilt because I added a lot of personal information on the quilt:  the baby’s name on the baby carriage, the town on a street sign, her address on a house, a favorite song…If you’re going to do custom quilting–make it personal! Right?

I hope Little Miss uses this to shreds!

What about YOU?

Any baby quilts in your future?

We’d LOVE to hear!


Lullaby Lori

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