Creative Energy and Big Projects-Open Line Friday

Good Morning, Quilters!

Happy Friday!




Pop open the champagne!

I just completed all the samples and all the writing for my second book of machine quilting motifs for Martingale Publications!

Everything was mailed yesterday and I feel like celebrating!

I’m not sure which I’m celebrating…the new book (with 60 more motifs–including Seasons and Holidays)

or that I can free up my creative energy for other projects now!


I find that creative energy is like physical energy in that I only have so much on any given day.

While I was busy writing and making samples for my book, I found other creative projects much more difficult.

On the other hand….Maybe it was the deadline thing?

What about YOU?

What stifles YOUR creative energy?

What enhances YOUR creative energy?

Is there such a thing as creative energy?

We’d LOVE to hear!



Lori Spumante

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44 thoughts on “Creative Energy and Big Projects-Open Line Friday

  1. Oh my gosh…I get to make the first comment!!! I get creative energy from your ideas (and of course a variety of other sources). Actually, after your class last fall at the John C. Campbell Folk School, I free motion almost every day. You helped me refine my skills so that free motion is a pleasure not a hassle. Thanks Lori. See you next October.

    • Mary you were doing beautiful work in class! With all this practice you are going blow the rest of us out of the water lol. So excited about us all getting together again.

      • Hi Patti and Becky!!! Thanks for the feedback. I’m really looking forward to seeing you all and FMQ all day for five days. What more could we want???

    • Wow, Mary! I try to practice FMQ every day, but it often doesn’t happen. I need to get up to speed for October. It will be great to see everyone again and learn all the new things Lori has to teach us.

  2. When will your second book be available? Can’t wait to get it! Thank you for sharing your incredible talents with us.

  3. Hi Lori – OMGosh – Congratulations! I just received your 1st book. I really appreciate that you hand wrote the mailing address as well. The book is a bday present to myself, so I can’t open it until May 9th. After finishing your Craftsy course, I was hooked and needed to buy your book. With all your tutorials found here and the book, and now your second book, I am no longer intimidated by FMQ. Your divide and conquer strategies help my creative juices to flow. I see possibilities in my quilts now that I have you in my back pocket. Kudos – How did you get the pattern to dance like that? I love it. Wish they would dance like that in the drawer when I’m at the store!! V-

  4. I don’t feel as though I have an ounce of creative energy. I look at my quilt top with a deer in the headlights look. Sometimes an idea will pop into my head for the blocks and sashing but then I get stuck on the outer border. I’ve been following your doodling tutorials and taking a fmq class hoping this will help me break out of the box!

    • Just keep at it! It gets easier! I am by no means an expert at quilting, but coming up with the quilting design is the hardest for me. Every now and again I get one and I know instantly what I want to do, but usually not. And I spend days and weeks trying to figure out what to do. I’ll take a photo with my phone and look at that while I’m looking through books or doodling. There are all kinds of creativity and if you’re a quilter (or any kind of crafter), then you ARE creative!

  5. OK, I give up … how did you make the pantsuit dance? MOG, I had one in that style (although thankfully NOT that PLAID) early on in my working career, about 1969 I believe.
    Congrats on the “fancy footwork” for the new book all done. Yes, a glass or two of Prosecco is definitely called for … CinCin!

  6. Congratulations! We’re all so proud of you….errr…..even MORE proud than before with the publication of the first book! lol…..and that Simplicity animation is too cute! That alone would keep me smiling all day!

  7. I absolutely love the animated simplicity pattern!! I showed it to my 96 year old mom who remembers making that outfit for me!!!
    I relate to your creative energy comments. I have been buzzing with projects ever since I retired from the corporate world 5 years ago!

  8. Amazing! Congratulations to you! Another book to add to my resources. The first book is terrific so I know the second will be as well. Your enthusiasm is infectious! Love the animation!

  9. I love your first book, can’t wait for the second. If you have any influence with the publisher, would you see that it’s the same dimensions as the first book with the spiral binding. Just saying, it makes it so much easier to locate and organize on the bookshelf in the sewing room. At least something’s look organized! 😄

  10. Dreaming about starting a new project always energizes me–walking through quilt shops to look at the fabrics and demo quilts, of course reading your blog, book and watching your Craftsy courses. What stifles it is an unorganized mess, the normal for me, and having too many things on my plate so I can’t spend time enjoying, doodling, dreaming. I have found that I need to do the minimum “chores” in the morning so I physically have enough energy to quilt, and then in the afternoon I get everything else done. That has helped me greatly to finish projects.

  11. A second book…..squeal!!! I don’t have the first one mastered yet but can’t wait to have the second one for my quilting endeavors!!

  12. So excited about the second book !! Thrilled for you!! Happy dancing here but not as fast as the Simplicity Gal ! She is amazing ! thanks for the fun ! Oh, creativity? Hmm. it is impossible to stop ideas from popping in my head from who knows where. More than I will ever be able to implement.

  13. Hilarious. I actually love the head dancing in the back ground

    After 4 years of living like the emergency response team and activities coordinator for my parents, I have reached the summit of exhaustion. After mom’s passing, less worries, the sudden loss of my young and adorable kittyboy last Fall, it was a hard hit.
    I did a lot of therapeutic sewing, and much self care. I am seeing light, but oh my what a mess.
    I am focusing on small projects and wading through the mess.
    I have a very loving and caring supportive husband. That is the most important thing, and family, and daddy
    and the grand babies.

  14. Congratulations, Lori! I love your first book and I can hardly wait for the second one. Browsing through your tutorials, book, magazine articles and Craftsy classes can start up my creative energy for sure. Finding new ideas in magazines, quilt shows or The Quilt Show can also do it. Housework, cooking and other obligations can definitely squash it.

  15. Congratulations!! Here’s a “virtual” toast to you – I raise my coffee cup in your honor! As for creativity – I do love playing with color combinations and is what I love about scrap quilts. I am starting to cut fabrics for an “Asterisk” quilt with bright colors that I thought would be fun to work on with my granddaughters. I only have to find two colors that contrast to make each block work–like pink and lime green. Unfortunately, I am like a child who gets overstimulated and even though I quit cutting and sewing a few trial blocks at 11:00, I couldn’t sleep – I saw 2:00 on the clock……… too much creativity?

  16. Great job on the new book. Enjoying your FM Quilting 1-2-3 book. I get creative energy from being around other creative artists of all types. A new book, new fabric line, or even my own wonderful hand dyed fabrics. Must have a tidy work space to get the creative juices flowing.

  17. Lori, how exciting!! Didn’t know you were thinking about a second book. You go girl. Im sure it will be as beautiful and successful as the first.

  18. Good morning Lori! After reading all the above comments anyone can tell you have touched many quilters’ lives with your generous teaching and encouragement. I look forward to getting your second book! I would love to one of these days take a class by you at the Folk school. If you are ever out in California teaching, let me know!!!!!!!

  19. Love the dancing girl on the Simplicity pattern! Creative energy – hard to control and when it comes on I try to go with it. I have certain things that need to be done – projects for classes I teach, a baby quilt left with me that has to be quilted, etc. But when the creative urge hits I try to pay attention. I have an idea in my head about what needs to be done in order but have many projects in bins (for collecting fabrics) and I will get an idea about one of those that makes it come to the top of the list. Recently I had revived an idea about a quilt I was inspired to try in 1991! Had made an attempt or two with it over the years and revised the ideas any number of times. When I began to learn about EQ7 I thought it would be possible to make the quilt thru EQ7. Of course I was going from knowing nothing about the program and buying the software. It didn’t take me long to realize that my idea was going to be complex. Took classes af few years ago on it – didn’t stick and found the software very difficult. In talking over the issues with EQ7 a week ago I realized it was time to try again. I found the company very responsive to cries for help. At last – I made a break through. It is so exciting and now plan to start a project that has been 26 years in the making!

  20. I, too, find that I only have so much creative energy and can only divide it among so many projects for so long. And both of those keep shrinking as I get older! I made a list last year of EVERYTHING I’ve got going on (WIP, kits, patterns with the fabric pulled together, things to be quilted, etc. etc.). It’s a bit scary! But I’ve had a goal for a while now to finish up projects! It’s slow going, butit feels good when I can cross something off the list! But when I do, I feel re-energized!

  21. Lori, can’t wait for your next book! How soon do you think it will be available? I really don’t know how long that takes!

  22. I’m not the most creative person but, given a task I usually can find an easier way to do something. I’m a good add on person. You have helped me to be more creative. I love your book because it breaks down the creative processes. I am one who looks forward to your second book.
    Now comment on dancing girl above. It takes me back when I use to wear clothes and made dresses like that. I probably still have the pattern. You make reading your blog so fun and interesting. Thank you.

  23. Oh My! A second book already? How do you get so much done? This is amazing and I am looking forward to book #2 Congratulations!

  24. I too loved the antimated pattern! I am learning to “listen” to how the work is going, if I’m feeling like it just isn’t working, or can’t decide on what to do next, usually now it is OK to put a project aside, and come back later, I am happier with what I finish, and am actually better at getting things finished.Fewer ufos, and more creative work.

  25. Hello Lori: I have been intrigued with McTavishing. I have not seen you do something similar yet. Could you give us your take on your version of this style?

  26. OMG! Did that pattern bring back memories and the dancing girl was so impressive. Congratulations on finishing your second book. Looking forward to it.

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