A Whole Cloth Baby Quilt


Whole Cloth Baby Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

Have the singing birds been waking you up each morning?

Spring is finally here!


I recently finished this baby quilt for a friend’s granddaughter.

It started with lots of doodling!!!

Whole Cloth Baby Quilt, Lori Kennedy

I used a horizontal composition…(remember compositional styles from my first Craftsy video, Divide and Conquer:  Creative Machine Quilting)?

And I added a strong diagonal element–the Umbrella, (The Open Umbrella-page 130 of your books!)  Baby Carriage and Kite--create a diagonal line and focal point across the center of the quilt.

Whole Cloth Baby Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Whole Cloth Baby Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Once the basic framework was stitched (Divide and Conquer), I began filling in the rows with a wide variety of motifs:  Circles, page 133, The Picket Fence-page 36,  Tulips page 104, Lollipop flowers page 91…. Just flip through the book, I’m sure there’s more!

Whole Cloth Baby Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Whole Cloth Baby Quilt, Lori Kennedy


I don’t want to show the whole quilt because I added a lot of personal information on the quilt:  the baby’s name on the baby carriage, the town on a street sign, her address on a house, a favorite song…If you’re going to do custom quilting–make it personal! Right?

I hope Little Miss uses this to shreds!

What about YOU?

Any baby quilts in your future?

We’d LOVE to hear!


Lullaby Lori

PS…Many of the motifs seen here are available in my book, Free Motion Machine Quilting, 1-2-3.  Personalized, autographed copies available from my Etsy shop HERE.  The book is also available from Amazon HERE.

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33 thoughts on “A Whole Cloth Baby Quilt

  1. Really, really cute! Just goes to show – Without any piecing-quilting makes the quilt! Great example- for your book or a class.

  2. A creative masterpiece. Once again, you are amazing. It is so helpful the way you describe the composition. Thank you for sharing this and for being mindful of the personal information that is kept confidential. You are not only a fabulous artist but are smart and responsible as well.

  3. Gorgeous. I’ve found that after washing a quilt the shrinkage of the cotton and batting causes the quilting to almost disappear. I then feel like all my efforts were a waste of time. Do you prewash fabric? What batting? Will you post a pic of this after it’s washed? Would be so helpful. Thanks!

    • Hi Beverly, The fabric was washed before quilting. I would recommend pre-washing the batting (follow the manufacturer’s instructions) as well. The batting shrinkage is probably the biggest problem. I will not be showing a photo of the whole quilt–too much personal information was included.

  4. I love it! I’d love to see the whole quilt, but certainly understand the privacy issue. It would be wonderful to receive such a personalized quilt!

    Tell me if I’m crazy–I realized that the reason I am not practicing my FMQ is because I hate, hate, hate, changing out all the settings, feet, etc., and getting the tension right often enough to practice daily. (Because of the finicky tension on my machine, that part always takes 10+ minutes alone) I am seriously considering purchasing a second, basic machine that I can piece on, and leaving my existing machine set up for FMQ all the time. I test drove a lovely little red and white Bernina (B250? 220?) and am thinking this would be the piecing machine, as my Viking has the bigger harp space. Is this a reasonable thing to do?

    • Absolutely!!! That is what I do. I have one machine always set up for machine quilting.

  5. Wow!! What a keepsake!! I know there are a lot of FM quilters out there who have blogs and books and classes but you are by far, in my opinion, the most creative and talented. And, such a sweet person to give us all those free tutorials. I know we all appreciate it, and you, so much. Thank you! This is such a sweet quilt. Lucky baby!!

  6. That quilt is so adorable! What a lucky baby! Thank you so much, Lori! I am definitely going to use this idea! I really appreciate you sharing all of your creative ideas with us. I often wonder if you have a difficult time sleeping with all of those ideas churning around in your brain all the time!

  7. The baby is lucky and blessed indeed, as is your friend for having such a sweet person like you in her life! A beautiful, one-of-a-kind gift that will be cherished – perhaps for generations! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lori! My mother made a quilt much like this for my daughter when she was 5 or 6 and her daughter has treasured it to shreds, literally. I can no longer repair it!
    It was a pink bed sheet layered with polyester batting and a white sheet for the backing. My mother did all the quilting by hand and stitched a whimsical barnyard scene on a hillside. It was warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
    My daughter is 36 now and my granddaughter is 8, but both remember “Big Pink” as a special comfort. I hope your friends granddaughter receives half as much joy from your labor of love.

  9. Another beautiful offering, Lori. Thank you for sharing your talent so clearly. I am always encouraged and inspired. Your designs and techniques are so beautiful, it would be easy to be overwhelmed, but your instructions make me believe I can do it. Happy Spring! PS: LOVE your book!

    • I used several threads–40 wt Sulky Rayon. 30 wt Sulky cotton and 28 wt Aurifil cotton on top. 50 wt Aurifil cotton in the bobbin.

  10. The best compliment a recipient of one of my quilts can give me is to ask me to repair or replace it because of wear, that just means it’s been used and loved to pieces.

  11. I’m trying to imagine a new kind of technique for myself, for a boy baby using a nautical or sea life theme. I’m trying to doodle and draw it first, using a combination of piecing, gentle curve layers for water, and either paper pieced or appliqué sea creatures inserted underneath and sailboats above. Not sure how it will really end up but the challenge and brain power are stimulating.

  12. Such a precious pink quilt… I hope she uses it and then uses again with own child someday… and so on…..:)

  13. Question: I am forgetting most of what the Jaunt features on which day of the week. I remember Sat is Art, and Sunday is Silent Sun.and I think Tues is Tutorials…Can you please update/correct me? Thank you !

  14. So pretty and so fun, Lori! I was studying how you have laid it out to do, and I see lines across the quilt that seem to be gone in the finished pics. Do you stitch across with a long basting stitch to stabilize and then pick that all out when you’re done quilting? Whew, that seems like a big job… I’d like to try quilting a wholecloth quilt, and it seems that a baby quilt would be the place to start. Love yours, as will the recipients.

    • I did add horizontal lines but they werent for basting–I changed my mind and had to remove them. Ouch!

  15. Such a wonderful quilt. I love how all your designs are used through out. You do such inspirational work, thank you

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