Easter Eggs, FMQ
Good Morning, Quilters!

Hippity-hoppity Easter’s on its way!

And Craftsy has a great sale!  It’s a great time to stock up on Aurifil Thread-it’s an amazing price–as well as Boundless fabrics–I love their solids!  as well as other supplies.  Use my affiliate link HERE to get the best prices of the season!

Craftsy Quilting Sale

Hop on over to BERNINA’s WeAllSew blog for the tutorial for this easy Bunny.

(Have you noticed our new banner?)

The Bunny is perfect for Easter, but it would look fabulous on any spring quilt or a baby quilt.

You can see a video of me stitching the Bunny on BERNINA’s Facebook page HERE–You will need to scroll down to April 7, 2017.

Easter Eggs, FMQ

Easter Eggs, FMQ

You can find two tutorials  for the Free Motion Quilted Easter Eggs HERE--and HERE–(Throwback Thursday!)


If you get to work, quick like a bunny, you could make a small table runner or add the bunny to an apron or tea towel…

Hop to it!

What about YOU?

Are you working on any Spring or Easter projects?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Your Chinchilla Quilter,


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17 thoughts on “Hippity-Hoppity!

  1. The cute bunny is so perfect for near-Easter baby quilts! I wondered the same thing as Lynne so I looked it up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinchilla_rabbit Who knew? Well, Lori did…also I hadn’t heard the term lagomorph, that will be my word of the day. Thanks Lori! Hey I think we should all introduce a friend to theinboxjaunt.com and bust Lori through the 10,000-subscriber mark! Thanks for the info on the sale, too, I need some thread…

    • I would love it if everyone would share with a friend…been hovering near 10,000 for awhile!
      Thank you, Back Porch Stitcher! Are you stitching these days or knitting? or just rocking grand babies?

      • I love handwork (on the back porch, and the weather is so nice these days), so I have an ongoing EPP millefiori project which for some reason went on hold when I started feverishly knitting/crocheting last summer…thinking a lot about getting back to Millie, but now that whole sweet grandbaby thing has jumped into first place! It’s all about finding that peaceful place.

  2. Haven’t seen any bunnies in the yard in 2-3 years…gone or just missed being outside or at a window? Well. Saw a tiny one under azaleas while they were in bloom, saw 3 large ones hopping in neighbor’s yard 2 weeks ago, saw a little one under husband’s trailer in the carport at twilight yesterday …and just now when husband took out trash, that little one hopped out from under our car ! This is such a pleasure to see animals while living in the country. And of course it is big pleasure to watch April the giraffe online waiting to give birth any day now up in New York state. Giraffes and bunnies are my lifetime favorites. I have a yellow “sandwich” prepared and I know now these Jaunty Easter eggs will be perfect for it. I think I will go to the trouble of changing color of threads to simulate Psyanky (part of husband’s heritage).
    Blessings to everyone for a special peaceful Easter season. He is Risen !!

  3. Cute bunnies! I’ll have to come up with some ideas for a classy table runner with Passover designs! I’m just about finished with a small runner using designs from your books. I LOVE making the “square” flower! 😀 Thanks for all the inspiration.

  4. The bunnies are cute but I love love the Easter eggs. I sewed some cute animal pillows for the boys Easter baskets and it reminded me I usually made the girls some new spring Jammie’s for Easter. I might have to see what’s in my stash for the boys. Then on to panicking about getting two graduation quilts done and one for Charlie’s 3rd birthday!!!!
    Guy is tilling the garden!!! Finally a little spring weather! :). Happy EAster!

  5. I didn’t know Chinchilla was a type of bunny too. I have a real Chinchilla and they are a little like a rabbit in some ways…but don’t get one as a pet if you value the wood in your house…drywall too 🙁 They chew everything, snack on wood snacks and toys from the pet store…and cupboards and walls. I only let him out in one large bathroom that is kind of chinchilla proofed. In my defense I inherited him and was not my choice for a pet but like him enough not to give him away…he will live out his days happily bouncing around the bathroom and getting chin rubs from me 😀 A cat that love attention and cuddles is my favorite pet! More than you wanted to know!
    Both the bunnies and eggs are great tutorials and they are so pretty. Love how the eggs are decorated. Thanks for all you do to inspire.

    • Janet-that was so interesting!! I didnt know you could have a Chinchilla as a pet! Thanks for sharing!

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