5 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Hosannah ! Palm Sunday…Bright and sunny with a very blue sky in south GA.
    Love the banner today, Lori. Saw 3 bunnies in neighbors’s big yard the other day at twilight..They hopped and hopped thru into the woods behind our house. So fast I could not get my camera raised from my side.. LOL. Very rare to see more than one alone. Oh, and saw one of your pink ones on Pinterest ! Going back to watching April the Giraffe in NY now. My sewing is taking a rest break at the moment.

  2. Still doing the autumn clearing out and cleaning, where did all that stuff come from? I am donating left over quilting material to my group and try and finish the six I have on the boil. Silly me went to a workshop last Saturday, more stuff and it was just a technique. Dresden, arghhh! Back to the cleaning, lots of windows now reaming inside and out, but what a disaster, have not cleaned them since last winter and so hard to clean. Forget vinegar and baking soda and got down to the hard stuff, sugar soap, worked a treat

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