I NEEDED These Scissors!

Tula Pink Scissors

Good Morning, Quilters!

I recognize the line between Needs and Wants is blurry–especially when it comes to quilt notions….

But when I saw these colorful Tula Pink scissors–they went straight to the need category!

I wasn’t sure about the snips…but who doesn’t like a matched set??

–like a sweater set…(am I showing my age?!)

So both the iridescent scissors and the snips came home with me…(insert smiley face!)

Tula Pink Scissors

Once I tried the snips…I realized they were actually a NEED too!  I’ve always used small scissors to snip my threads.  Now I’m a convert!


In other news, I just received a package from my publisher, Martingale, with all the samples and quilts I sent off for my book.

This version of The Square Flower (page 96) didn’t make the book…

(One can’t take these things personally-LOL!)

Tula Pink Scissors

I wanted to demonstrate that the Square Flower can be stitched into any shape–like diamonds shown here.

Wouldn’t this be a fabulous quilt border???

Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

I think I will go buy a bouquet of yellow Daffodils…

What about YOU?

Any great finds at YOUR local quilt shop lately?

Have you tried any motifs from Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3?

We’d LOVE to hear!


PS…Confession:  (I have to admit…the Tula Pink scissors weren’t the only “needs” from my last trip…more next week…ssshhhhhh!)

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48 thoughts on “I NEEDED These Scissors!

  1. The Square Flower has always been one of my favorites. But I suppose there isn’t room for everything in any book. 🙁

    • The Square Flower made it into the book. But this diamond variation did not. The Square Flower is definitely a “fan favorite”!

    • Simple solution, Lori! I took a screen shot of your diamond “square” flower and I stuck it in your book to remind me of it! Love your book!

  2. I haven’t tried any of the motifs yet by I have bought some good quality book covering plastic to protect my precious book.

  3. Aww….the Square Flower is one of my favorite tutorials….I LOVE that flower. I guess this proves even “professionals” are only human and can err in judgment. I mean, really—–what would an extra page or two matter?

    • The Square Flower made it into the book. But this diamond variation did not. The Square Flower is definitely a “fan favorite”!

  4. I like the square flowers too, and agree they would make a beautiful border. I have your book, and hope to start practicing soon. I’m still using a small scissors for threads — what makes the snips better? Not that I need an excuse to buy them, but it might help. LOL

  5. I use my snips almost all the time with my embroidery machine. Cuts really close. They are definitely a need…have two pairs in case I misplace one!!

  6. Those snips are a need. I use mine all the time and they are great for getting a close cut without worrying about cutting the fabric on the quilt.

  7. I bought a pair of iridized curved tip snips many years ago at a quilt show, and I could not imagine doing any machine embroidery without them. They are fabulous for snipping the threads as I go, since my machine does not have the thread cutter option. I also use them when snipping thread ends after burying them on a quilt. Love, love, love this tool!

  8. I’ve used those snips for at least 15 years, as far as I’m concerned they’re one of the best things since sliced bread. LOL

  9. I have your book and it has come in handy on my current quilting project. I needed some Southwest designs and several of yours fit the need. I wish you could have put all of your designs in that book but I guess it would have been rather large! I like the design you showed today. I am guessing that they only had so much space designated for each design and nothing personal.

  10. As I said before, I just got a sit-down long-arm. I quilted 2 kids komfort quilts as my first projects on it, and many of the motifs i quilted on it were from either the book or previous tutorials. The rest were me being inspired by the same…I even stitched a computer, keyboard, mouse, monitor…all in one continuous stitching line!

    • p.s. I have a small pair of curved titanium scissors that I use. Like these snips, they clip nice and close with less risk of clipping the material by accident. I may have to consider a pair of these, though!!!

  11. I’ve never used snips. I might have to find a pair for myself. I went to AQS Lancaster last week and found some things that I “needed”. The challenge for our local quilt show this year is “diamonds”. I already love the square flower, now I’m thinking about how I can use your diamond shaped version in my quilt.

  12. Lori, I wasn’t sure I needed another book on’how to quilt your quilt’, but I have to admit I definitely needed your book!! It is wonderful !! I love that you also write where to use it, how to modify it, etc. I love the diamond shaped square flower in today’s blog….could you show us the steps on how to do it one Tuesday soon?

    I enjoy your blog so much, and your articles in the AQS magazine–you are a gem!!!!

    Janey Freedman
    Hudson, MA

  13. Great timing for the diamond variation personal tutorial as it will now be on my next quilt! Thank you.

    Also, a question for you. I jumped to your “Ten Stocking Stuffers Quilter Will Love” and am curious to see what, or if, you would change on an updated version of this list? Thanks!

  14. Love your book! Yes, I’ve use some of the motifs in my latest quilt and it is super cute!!

  15. Saw those scissors online someplace while looking for something else..Didn’t write down where…Saw them in your photos few days ago and came close to committing an ear spitting squeal…Now you are sharing them with us !!!! Way to go, Lori !!
    Usually granddaughters ask me for suggestions before Mother’s Day.. I only have one suggestion this year if asked ! I have some snips but they are, uh, inexpensive, old and pinch me. Rarely use them. Actually my decor theme for my bathroom is iridescent items…except towels…cannot find any of those. 🙂

  16. I just used the dog bones motif for the first time–on a baby quilt with Scottie dogs. I’ll send you a picture. So cute!

  17. I understand the need/want thing, I went to a quilt and patchwork show today, just needed that queen supreme slider, but my – it’s expensive here in Europe….

  18. I was at my local quilt shop yesterday for a monthly meeting. The shop owner shows all the newest fabric, tools and books. I bought a fabulous new quilting book called Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3!!

  19. I am working on an 8 pt star with the diamond shape and this diamond flower would be a perfect fit! Can I adapt the square flower myself?

  20. I do have snips and have used them for so long, but, mine are really “clunky” compared to those “iridescent” beauties you have.,,But, I have spent so much on fabric the last two weeks, that no “frivolies” are allowed for weeks to come. Love that flower square or squnched.

  21. Lori, when you next chat with your publisher, ask them to make sure there is contrast between the fabric and thread colors in your wonderful new book? I can see most of your delightful designs but some have too little contrast to ascertain the design. My favorite, so far, is the elm leaf with an oak leaf inside that I will practice and quilt on my Hometown quilt . I will stitch a Lone Star in the ditch and my husband will free-hand maple leaves inside…can’t wait! Thanks

    • Sounds lovely!! And yes-we are trying to work on the contrast for book 2—thank you!

  22. Hi Lori! I love this design! I just finished a twin size isosceles triangle quilt for a DGD. I used a sissix plus die to cut the triangles. What a time saver! I think this will be perfect FMQ for this quilt only probably a little wider spacing. This design stretches me a bit from my go to simple designs for the grands. Thanks for all your generosity!

  23. I recently told my grandson that I needed a kiss – he informed me that I didn’t need one, I just wanted one! Yup.

  24. I don’t know if they were the same, but I had snips like that recently and loved them but they broke in less than 6 months and I could not fix them. Love your new little quilt

  25. Funny scissors are a need item. Every year I have scissors on my Christmas list. My Daughter says, “Mom how many scissors do you really need?” I always say, “you can never have too many scissors!” I will add these to my Christmas list this year. Gotta have em!

    • That adage… “can’t have too many scissors”, reminded me of a challenge a few years ago — “How many pairs of scissors do you own?” I was surprised to find (at that time) that it was 36 (+6 outside the sewing room, including the kitchen shears & First Aid Kit)!! I know that number is higher now, but I have to add, several pairs aren’t used for sentimental reasons – once belonged to my mother & grandmother.
      I also love those snips (I don’t have the new iridescent ones – yet) & gave them as gifts to members of my quilt group. I keep a pair at my embroidery machine & another in my travel tote, but they do not cut most fabric.
      Lori, I’m still reading the book — am recovering from the flu, so haven’t tried anything yet! I love how you encourage thinking outside the box — or in some cases, the diamond shape! So, a flower doesn’t have to be round….

  26. I really like the diamond flower. I’m glad you shared it with your readers. Great border.


  27. I can understand why the scissors and snips came home with you – they are definite keepers, especially if they work as well as they look – which I’m sure they do. As for your square flower in a diamond, it would also make a fabulous table runner

  28. Oh I seen those scissors too… yup they’re a need!!! Just hoping they’re still around when I get money ?

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