Making a Pennant with Fun Fabrics

Good Morning, Quilters!

My grandson is about to move from his crib to a “Big Bed” and a new bedroom.

The perfect excuse for me to pull out some fun fabrics and make a bunting to decorate his new digs.

I happened to have the perfect ruler for the job…(I have the perfect ruler for almost every job–I’m a sucker for rulers!)

You don’t need this ruler to create the pennant…just draw a triangle or use the 45 degree line on a regular ruler.

I used fat quarters of fabric-and made each triangle 9 inches from tip to base.

The trick to pointed triangles…sew 2-3 stitches straight across the tip (blunting the point)–do not stitch to the point.

Then trim the seam allowances around the point–the tip and the sides.

Pennant, Lori Kennedy

Press the seam allowances open over a sleeve roll or Tailors board or a tightly wound towel.

This makes everything lay flatter once the pennants are turned.

The perfect point!

I made double fold tape (not bias) and zig zagged the pennants onto a long strip.

Ready to hang!

Once you get started…you won’t want to stop…

Lori Kennedy, Pennant


I think I’ll make one for my sewing room!

Feels like a party!

What about YOU? Have YOU stitched any quick and easy projects lately?

We’d LOVE to hear…and please share a link if you have one!


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22 thoughts on “Making a Pennant with Fun Fabrics

  1. Great tips Lori, my 8th grade sewing teacher took me under her wings and taught me loads of tips like that and they stuck with me. She also taught me care for and respect my sewing machine and tools. She is the reason I LOVE to sew…but not mend LOL. Thank you!

  2. I’ve stitched some 12-1/2” blocks for the Canadian Quilting Assn large quilt bee to be held in Toronto in June. 2017 is Canada’s 150th anniversary, and the annual CQA national show is in Toronto this year, and as it’s a BIG anniversary for us Canucks, the organizers have planned a huge quilt bee, the recipients of which will be Ronald McDonald Houses. The hope is to have enough blocks to create two quilts for each room for each RMcDHouse countrywide. A mammoth undertaking. Each block has to contain some of the Canadiana prints created for the event. It’s fun figuring out what to put with them. Once the idea is struck, they run up pretty quick. I’m hoping a lot of the quilts will be on display at the event.

    • OH, dear, I DO wish I could attend and participate. Love, love Toronto!!
      I was there once for a week in 1999…but memories make it feel like yesterday. Our daughter and family stayed in a Ronald McDonald house in south GA when their newborn was in NICU. So we know the benefits. Blessings on this quilt project.

      • Thanks for the kind words Martha. I feel honoured to be able to participate in this event. I have a long way to go, but it just felt like I NEED to be there. Also, I can visit with family and friends I left behind when I moved west.

      • I’m sure the CSA would be pleased with help from our American quilting buddies, and no doubt some are already involved. The trick would be getting your hands on some of the Canadiana fabrics in your neck o’ the woods, but you never know. There has to be at least one piece of one of the approved fabrics in each block, and they’ve been disappearing quite quickly from the local shops. The requested blocks are just simple slab blocks. I’m attaching the website link, and you could go there and have a look around. and tap on “Canada’s Biggest Quilt Bee”
        Lori, I’m thrilled for your interest, and please contact me by email if I can be of further help. Thanks, Maureen.

    • Phyllis, I am so curious. Folks use a variety of color themes for Christmas. Did you go traditional red/green or maybe blue/silver?
      I love the fabrics that have metallics on them.

  3. I gave my daughter a pastel flowered charm pack a few years ago. Eventually she and granddaughter asked me to make a banner/pennant. We cut them diagonally with pinking shears and I sewed them on a bright ribbon they had. After I had sewn all of the triangles and we held it up, they said, “is that all there is?” LOL…. We went to the quilt shop immediately, got another pack and made another pennant strip. They look lovely all around their dining room walls in Spring when they like to keep fresh flowers on the dining table.

    • Maureen B, Canuck, you are more right than you know… Marta has long, long been a nickname for Martha !! Thanks….

  4. I made a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” banner for my grandson’s first birthday. It was even more simple than yours. It was made from a purchased panel. Rather than turning them, I just sandwiched with batting and backing fabric and sewed along the raw edge to keep everything together. Sewed them all together with packaged bias tape. Easy peasy! Too bad I don’t have a link of any kind to show you a pic. It turned out pretty cute!

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