More Daffodils-Machine Quilting Tutorial

Daffodil FMQ Tutorial, Lori KennedyGood Morning, Quilters!

The Flower of the month of March was The Daffodil and we stitched The Daffodil Vine HERE

Daffodil, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

I couldn’t get enough of this happy little jonquil, so I kept doodling (YOU doodle too, right?!)…

And I came up with a variation of the Daffodil Vine.


Begin by stitching a straight stem line.  Add a flat-topped oval.

Daffodil FMQ Tutorial, Lori Kennedy

Overstitch the left side of the flower and add two squared petals.

Daffodil FMQ Tutorial, Lori Kennedy

Stitch two more squared petals, then overstitch the right side of the oval and closely echo stitch the stem.  (uh–oh end of bobbin tension problems…see what your stitch should NOT look like below).

Daffodil FMQ Tutorial, Lori Kennedy

Stitch down to the base of the flower.  Add two straight line leaves.

Daffodil FMQ Tutorial, Lori Kennedy

Add a bent leaf to complete the motif.

Daffodil FMQ Tutorial, Lori Kennedy

Plant a row of Daffodils on YOUR next quilt!

Happy Spring!


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Doodle to Design, Craftsy, Lori Kennedy

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10 thoughts on “More Daffodils-Machine Quilting Tutorial

  1. BooHoo.. my daffodils are done blooming in the yard. We do have white English dogwoods, teeny fragrant tea olive blooms, yellow old fashioned fragrant roses, red tea roses and purple rosemary blossoms. On second thought I better go outside and look since that storm blew through last night. Looking forward to the May Flower of the month, too.
    I am working on my first hand quilted quilt..well…a 30″ circle of spokes in the center is by hand. I did it on my machine first and the puckers that resulted were not to be tolerated. Spent a day taking it all out. There are more spoke circles at each end of the quilt but easily reached by machine. That leaves 4 empty corners about 12 inches in diameter for a FMQ motif. This is for my nephew who is an instructor at a motorcycle/mechanics school in Phoenix. Any ideas of what nature motif is appropriate for Arizona and wheel spokes?? I have never been there. Thanks…

    • Saguaro cactus (the ones that look like bandits with one or both hands raised) – VERY typical for Arizona. We live next door in New Mexico & while the Texas Mountain Laurel is finished, the Indian Hawthorn & Cherry Sage are blooming – right along w/ the weeds growing up out of the gravel! No time for pulling weeds, have been reorganizing the sewing room.

      • Now I have a date with my doodling notebook !! Thank you for the wonderful suggestion. With 4 corners to FMQ, I suppose I can do 4 different kinds of cactus ! Thanks ladies !

  2. State flower – Bluebonnets – and red clover are in abundance in the Houston area. Fields of them, just beautiful!

  3. thanks for the flowers! We have about 8 inches of snow here today- and it’s still coming down! Your flowers have brightened my day!

  4. Thank you for the daffodils, Lori. They are my favourite spring flower and I would love to be able to stitch them. I was so happy to find your book at my LQS. It is wonderful and the detailed pictures of the stitching are so helpful, just like the ones on your blog. Nice to have them in a book at my fingertips and the spiral binding is great, too!

  5. After enjoying reading about flowers all over the USA , I want to share that when I got up from a late afternoon rest Wed. I discovered lovely flowers had been delivered by the snail mail lady…for me !! I have happy tears and a happy dance too. Life can be hard but it is beautiful also. I appreciate this remembrance more than words can say. Let us pay it forward too.

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