13 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Re: thimbles. I too had a hard time finding one to fit. At one quilt show however was a gentleman who was making them. My fingers are small and thin. He had one that was perfect. I wished I had bought 2 because I have never seen him again. It has a small ridge around the top. I also bought one that has an opening in the top that I use for regular hand sewing on binding. They both fit perfectly. If thimbles don’t fit they won’t work correctly.

      • Lori, I purchased a Bernina 765QE at the AQS Lancaster quilt Show on Thursday. I have been sewing on a Singer purchased in 1977..OMG!!!! SOOO Excited!!!! What an upgrade!!!Thanks to you I found the perfect machine for me!! Love your new book too!! Thanks for all you share with us!! You are such an inspiration!!

  2. yes, take off those heavy klompen, and air out those itchy woolen socks (ugh, remove those too, sweetie)
    This is a sweet painting, I will show it to my dad.
    I have four old pairs of klompen at my house right now. gramma Straaijer’s, grampa Straaijer’s, my mom’s and my dad’s. Oh, and I have a small pair in my sewing room hanging behind the cutting table to hold a few pairs of glasses?

    • Klompen … I’ve never heard that term. Is it a proper term or a nickname? My dearest friend in the world was born in Holland, and came to Canada when she was about 4 … she could have posed for this painting, if she’d lived in the late 1800s that is. Apple cheeked and sweet just like this little girl. Anyway, in all the years I’ve know her, she has never mentioned that term. Interesting. I’ll have to ask her about it. A very appropriate term indeed, and amazing to us North Americans that people could actually walk in them, let alone garden, etc. Another country’s history revisited. Thanks for sharing that comment.

      • I can tell you that the word ‘Klompen’ is a proper Dutch word and no nickname. I am from Amsterdam and never wore them. My husband was born in Westzaan, a real ‘Dutch village’ as you read about in books or see in pictures. Everything clean and fresh, wooden houses, green and white and a lot of meadows with birds and cows. He went to school during is whole youth on klompen. He had to learn to walk on shoes when he went to college in another town.

  3. Ok, I looked up Artz source given above… All 4 of those paintings made me cry ! I have always been attracted to Dutch artists’ work… no idea why. Rosemary, I have only English and Irish in my ancestry.. Maybe I should dig deeper..Thank you, Lori, for such an exquisite painting today.

  4. Wish I was sitting right there with her…in the sunshine…on the beach…listening to the water and the gulls…wishing….

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