Doodle, Quilt, Doodle Method

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy, Flowers

Good Morning, Quilters!


Only Martingale knows for sure….

I am over at Stitch This! –the Martingale blog-discussing THE Book and a little of how it came to be, my vision for the book, etc….I would LOVE it if you would join us there!  Leave a comment for the Martingale peeps–they are a friendly, chatty group and they LOVE to talk to quilters!  (Especially friends of The Inbox Jaunt!)


For those of you who have your books….

May I recommend the Doodle-Quilt-Doodle Method?

Choose a motif that is calling your name and begging to be stitched…

Doodle it until you don’t need to look at the page anymore.

Doodles, Lori Kennedy


Then stitch the pattern a few times on a practice piece.  Once you stitch the motif, you’ll get a better feel for stitching order, stopping points, etc…

Doodle some more…(Doodle the motif until you will dream about it tonight…)

And then you are ready!  Stitch it into a quilt.  Once you do that,


Put it in your personal workbasket..


Choose another motif to 


Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy, Flowers

What book, YOU ask?

So glad you did…

Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3


Order autographed copies from my Etsy shop:  The Inbox Jaunt Shop HERE

or from Amazon HERE (available in Print and Kindle!)

Happy Stitching!



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23 thoughts on “Doodle, Quilt, Doodle Method

    • Lori, I was so excited to receive my autographed copy of your book!!! When my husband brought it in from the mail, I was doing the happy dance. It will be special because you signed it! I have read through it three times already. I quality resource and inspiration for the doodle-quilt-doodle method. Thanks so much for all your work.

  1. HI Laurie, Congrats on the book and I love the “in-box jaunt. I was wondering exactly what type of thread and bobbin thread do you use. It seems I always have a tough time with this
    thanks Wendy Dillon

  2. I am so glad I ordered the book with the autograph. I feel a little guilty thinking of the hand cramps you must have had after all of the signing. Thank you for taking time to say more than “Thanks, Lori”. This will be a special addition to my library. I am just starting on my free motion quilting and have not been meandering. I will not be meandering thanks to your fun blog, book and videos…I can do this!!! Thank you!

    • I was happy to say a special thank you to all of you who have been with me for a long time!!

  3. Love this book!! Happy to have it autographed, too! So glad to have it in a spiral FLAT layout …Good choice for a workbook. I have followed Inbox Jaunt for a long time and have hoped that you would put out a book! And YES to a 4-5-6! And 7-8-9-10!! Oh just keep going !! I want it ALL in a book! OH !!! I know! A book with the Mystery Quilts!! That would really be good because work kept getting in the way and I got behind and didn’t catch up. But with a BOOK we can all go at our own pace! Oh and a Wholecloth quilt step by step tutorial, also !!
    I think we followers can keep you pretty busy with putting out book for a long long time.
    You print it, I’ll buy it!

    • So glad it finally made it to you!! I know you will make beautiful quilts with it-your work is lovely Christine!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I just got your book as a companion to your craftsy classes. I ordered thru amazon and the book is great except the pages were stuck together at the bottom middle edge. I’ve had to carefully unstick each page while trying to turn them. I even ripped one when I wasn’t careful enough. The book is great and I love it but you might want to check with either your publisher or amazon to make sure it isn’t a problem with other books. Its entirely readable so its not worth sending back or anything I just thought you might want to know. Feel free to moderate this out of the comments section as I just wanted to let you know personally. Thanks for the great content!

    • Hi Kim
      I have not seen that problem with any of the other books. I think you should get a new one from Amazon!

  5. Love your book! I started by taking both your Craftsy classes and somewhere in there I discovered your blog and the mystery quilts. I just finished a train banner for my grandson. My skills are improving with the methods you teach, although I still need to increase my doodling time.Your inspiration has really opened me up to machine quilting more and more!
    Thanks so much.

  6. Received you book last week and love it. I think I really might be able to do this! Practice, practice, doodle, doodle.

    Thanks for writing this book and also for your Craftsy classes.


  7. I had a hard time deciding whether to get an autographed copy of your book or to support my local quilt shop. The shop had 1 copy left so I ended up buying it. Now I’m wishing I had an autographed copy. Oh dear!

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