5 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Yep, memories of the farm…both sets of my grandparents had farms. They grew the best food ! I will share: one granddad traveled to another state to take his roosters to fights. That was before my mom was born. But he must have stayed home a lot because they eventually had 9 children. They eventually had 30+ grandchildren. When he got older, he cleaned out the chicken house, fixed it up some and slept in it when the families came home to visit. Today it might be called tiny house living. He was ahead of his time, LOL..! He was Irish with red hair. He had early pattern baldness and lost most of it by the time he was age 20. He told us grandkids that a rooster scratched it all off his head. During the depression, he had 8 small ponds dug on his acreage. Didn’t take long for the frogs to move in. Men came from miles around to go frog-gigging to feed their families. When I was a child, I loved going to sleep listening to those frogs. And yes, he was the same one who built the quilting frame for my grandmother and the system to let it down and up again from the ceiling. I wish they could be here to see my quilts…Gee, Lori, all that from a lovely portrait of our modern day stamps.

  2. I am just applauding the above story. I could relate to so much of her family lore, putting my Cornish grandpa in her grandpa’s place.

  3. Lovely stories for a Sunday morning; reminders of a gentler (although sometimes tougher) time. Thanks for sharing.

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