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Good Morning, Quilters!

If YOU are joining us from The BERNINA Ambassador Blog Tour–Meander No More!  YOU are in the right place!  WELCOME!!

Welcome to The Inbox Jaunt!  My name is Lori Kennedy and I will be your tour guide for this portion of the journey.  My motto is:

 Meander no More!

I LOVE to machine quilt on a domestic sewing machine–I have five BERNINAs, but my current favorite is my BERNINA 770QE.

The only thing I like more than quilting…(and walking Hawaiian beaches) is convincing others that:

Machine  Quilting is Fun and Easy!


Over 100 Quilting Motifs with Personality HERE–(we never stipple or meander here)

Click on the photos below to take you to the full tutorial.

Flowers, Machine Quilting, Tutorial, Lori Kennedy


Machine Quilting is EASY when you break it down,  step-by-step:

Free Motion Quilted Trucks, Lori Kennedy

We add more step-by-step tutorials EVERY WEEK —“The Tuesday Tutorial”.  


There has been a lot of excitement at The Inbox Jaunt lately, because a collection of the Tuesday Tutorials (along with Skill Building Exercises and more) was just published by Martingale!


You can receive autographed copies from my Etsy shop:  The Inbox Jaunt Shop HERE

or from Amazon HERE (available in Print and Kindle!)


Thank you to Terry S for the fabulous review on Amazon!


There’s more to The Inbox Jaunt than the Tuesday Tutorials:

Silent Sundays

Water Lilies, Photography

Quick Tip Mondays

Aurifil Cotton Thread, Lori Kennedy, FMQ


Work in Progress Wednesdays

The Nutcracker, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Doodle Thursdays

Quilt Doodles

Doodle Envelopes, Zentangle, Lori Kennedy

Open Line Fridays

Seamstresses in Fine Arts SaturdaysGeraniums, Childe Hassam

(We get the days mixed up sometimes….)

We would LOVE to have YOU join us!

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Quilting (including machine quilting) should be FUN!

John C Campbell Folk School, Free Motion Quilting


Quick!  Both of my Craftsy classes are on sale until April 15th!

(Click on photo–discount applied at check out)

Craftsy Title Card

Doodle to Design, Craftsy, Lori Kennedy


Be sure to check out my column in American Quilter Magazine–glossy tutorials in every issue!

American Quilter Magazine



Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Thank YOU for joining us today…


Sewing Notions, FMQ, Kennedy

There’s more inspiration on the tour today:

Annie Smith
Kari Karr
Catherine Redford

And we hope YOU will join us tomorrow and EVERY DAY here at The Inbox Jaunt where:

“A quilt without personality is just a blanket!”

Enjoy your quilting journey!


PS…Thank you to Teri Lucas at Terifications  for organizing this blog tour. Teri Lucas is an AMAZING Machine Quilter–and someone YOU should know!

PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, pin or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at  Thanks.

15 thoughts on “Meander No More–The BERNINA Blog Tour

  1. Thought of something….I have no idea how many times I have written down your name and URL on back of my own business card to give out to folks… especially at QuiltCom 2017 in Savannah a few weeks ago. Do you have a business card template I could print out and give to folks? My printer does B & W and color. Thanks for considering this request.

  2. I have been a follower for ages. Just got my book and was so surprised that it wasn’t just signed – there was actually a note written to me personally! I can’t imagine how much time you took to individually write to everyone! But – I shouldn’t have expected any less- you are a first class act! Congratulations on your success!

  3. Yippee!!!! Your new book has arrived at my house!! It’s wonderful!! I’m taking my time reading and admiring the tutorials. Can’t wait to get started . Thank you, Lori,. for your blog, classes and now your book. I love them all.

  4. Congratulations Lori. I received your terrific book,which is parked right beside my new sit down machine waiting for some action. I do not have an excuse to be afraid to mess up now.
    Thank you for such precise instructions that you have given us over the years–there is no excuse now.

  5. I have to laugh as my name is Janet and I am reading what a previous Janet said and I also want to congratulate you on a wonderful book. I have followed your blog and you have given me so much inspiration and courage to try free motion quilting. I now have the tools, a good machine, Craftsy classes and your book…ready set go! Thank you. I will not be meandering.

      • It doesn’t mean to be lost. It means to follow a winding course. I’m feeling ashamed to admit that I do meandering, so I don’t belong here. Little motifs work well for small quilts, but for large bed quilts, it’s hard to fill in big areas with small designs. I’m not going to give up meandering as long as I have to quilt my quilts myself on my little Bernina.

  6. Thank you Leslie, I am artistically challenged and worked many hours learning to do meandering t h at I felt was acceptable :0) I am looking forward to trying something new!

  7. Can’t wait to try the elm leaf with oak leaf inside! That will go with the maple leaf my husband does, inside a Texas star! Ah, memories!

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