The Caboose-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

Good Morning, Quilters!

Today we are finishing our Circus Train with The Caboose

1-2-3 Caboose!  1-2-3 Caboose ( A game we used to play to pass time while waiting for loooong trains in Chicago!)

You can find the Circus Train Engine HERE

and The Coal Car HERE


Before we get started…I want to say a big “Thank you” to Sandy from Hissyfitz Designs for reviewing  Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3  

Read “You NEED This Book!”  HERE

An excerpt:

Sandy is a pattern designer, appliqué teacher and a fellow BERNINA Ambassador.  (Teapot collectors:  be sure to check out her Teapot Quilt Pattern HERE)

Thank you, Sandy!

  Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3 (Available  HERE on Etsy)


Begin by drawing two lines 3 inches apart.  Add a line 3/4 inch above the bottom line.

Stitch two Silly Spirals, ending on the right side of the wheel.
Stitch over the wheel.   Stitch two to three stitches between the wheels and over the front wheel.   Circus Train, FMQ Tutorial, Lori Kennedy

Stitch up and create a bumper….then stitch a straight line.  Add a rectangle.

Stitch an upper rectangle.

Stitch over and back to complete the top of the Caboose. Stitch to the left, and drop down to create a small window.Stitch a second rectangle window.

Stitch a straight line down to finish the Caboose.  

This would be an adorable border on ANY quilt!

Just a little doodling and lots of ways to personalize…

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….

I THOUGHT I could, I THOUGHT I could, I THOUGHT I Could!

YOU can do this!!!


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15 thoughts on “The Caboose-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

  1. Just love this train……….Doodle Doodle Doodling……..Lol……Thank you sooooooo much………Now l just need a plane…….Then my trains, planes and automobiles quilt will finally be finished…..Lol…Any ideas for a plane?

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  3. Striving to find time next month to stitch several lines of circus train as the center of a baby quilt.

  4. I just stumbled onto your website and I love it!!! You have such talent. I am in the middle of trying to make either a twin sized quilt or an afghan for each of my 16 grandchildren and 1 great- grandchild for Christmas and I have gotten some great ideas and tips from you. Thanks for sharing your talents and knowledge with the world!

  5. Your imagination and talent never ceases to inspire me to extend myself. I’m not just talking in quilting, but it did start there. I will design my own quilt to use the Circus Train pattern. Which I have never done. I’m waiting for the arrival for my Brother Dream machine now. I know I have to practice, practice, practice. I have been doodling though. I have promised myself this will happen.

  6. LORI. It’s all your fault. I should be sewing this morning but instead I’m reading your blog…reading Sandy’s review (wow – great!)…checking out her adorable patterns…thinking of ordering a few (like I need any more projects!! But one or two would be perfect to make up for my quilt guild’s show boutique!)…oh, sorry, I’m really the one to blame for my lack of self-discipline…I’m “chugging” off to sew now. Woo-woo!! Love you!

  7. I just went to my mailbox and THERE was your book! I love your online tutorials of course, but to have your book in my hands feels like a treasure. Beautifully done!! A wealth of knowledge. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!

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