A Quick Finish–And A Quick Machine Quilting Tip

Leaf Tablerunner, FMQ

Good Morning, Quilters!

Sometimes it feels good to make something small and finish it–wouldn’t YOU agree?

I started this little table runner as a sample when I was filming Sewing with Nancy a few weeks ago.  (Read more HERE)  (The episodes will air in September, 2017)

Leaf Tablerunner, FMQ

The colors were speaking to me–as Minnesota has been a bit dreary lately…

Leaf Tablerunner, FMQ


This little quilt demonstrates that machine quilting shows up best on solid or near solid fabric.

Keep your quilting simple everywhere else–then add a zinger of a motif in the solid fabric.


Also…instead of figuring out a complicated way to turn the corners–do something different in the corners–no one will know that you didn’t know how to quilt a vine in the corner–it will look like YOU planned it that way all along!

Leaf Tablerunner, FMQ

What about YOU?

Do YOU have any quilting tricks up your sleeve?

Do YOU need a break from a big project?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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25 thoughts on “A Quick Finish–And A Quick Machine Quilting Tip

  1. LOVE this little piece! I’ll have to remember it for the next day I feel the need to make something quick!

  2. Love that corner trick–I often struggle with how to make the motif look good going around the corners! Thanks.

  3. Timely advice..last night I was struggling with a table runner that has a lot of prints and solids. Thanks!

  4. Moving from the corners to the center(s) of the borders, when placing a design element in the corners, is far less noticeable when space adjustments are necessary. Our eyes have a tendency to focus, and “measure”, at the corners rather than elsewhere in those border strips. This has worked quite well for me. Great post!

  5. Lori, your table runner is so pretty in its simplicity! I love that! And tips? I am the one wanting to learn them! Thank you for your blog and the instruction/tips you share.

  6. Hi Lori, Hope you are enjoying your new sewing studio!
    I love the table runner! After finishing a queen size quilt I took a break and worked on my stash of calendar wall hangings .
    Thank you for all that you have taught so far.

  7. I am learning. This is better tan a class (too much at one time). I have started on the doodling – not nutty – educational. I had notebook paper and graph paper here (to keep my sizes even). Later I was in $tree and found a primary tablet. The ” artiste” in me is emerging like spring flowers in the woods! I saw one place where she talked about making a sample book. Plan on doing that too. Again , thank you.

  8. I love it! I get really hung up on what I FMQ in the borders…as if it needs to be a major piece of artwork. It seems like a lot of FMQ pins out on Pininterest are heavy and dense. Sometimes I just was simple,light and easy.

    • Above should say “want simple, light…”. I think I am going to use your idea of the widely spaced piano keys on my border on a quilt I have been stalling on finishing because I have been stumped as what to do.
      Thank you for the inspiration.

  9. Hi Lori, love the table runner but absolutely love your new book. It is a must for beginner free motion quilting. Your step by step approach is amazing and so easy to follow. I have a quick question. In your book you mentioned spray starching the backing to make it move easily- does Mary Ellen’s Best Press work or Magic sizing or does it have to be starch that would have to be washed out afterwards. Thanks for all your inspirations.

    • You have the book already!? Where did you find it!!!
      As for starching the back–I think all of them will help but I have mist experience with Magic Sizing.

      • In regards to the book. Every one is carrying it, Etsy, Amazon, Indigo, but Martingale Books not only will send you the hard copy but you get the on line version when you order the book, so that is a bonus until the hard copy arrives. Thanks for your input.

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