The Coal Car-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

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Strong work–ladies and gentlemen!!!

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Last week we started stitching The Circus Train, an adorable border motif.

Begin by drawing two lines–3 inches apart.  Add a line 3/4 inch above the lower line.

Begin stitching between the two lower lines.  Stitch a Silly Spiral to create a wheel.  Stop stitching on the right side of the first “wheel”.

Stitch over several stitches and begin another Silly Spiral Wheel. Again, end on the right side of the “wheel”.

Travel from right to left over the top of the first spiral Stitch over one to two stitches then over the top of the first wheel–to the front of the Coal Car. Stitch up and at an angle to create the front of the car.  Add a little jog and stitch a horizontal line. Stitch a long horizontal line–stitching past the right wheel.  Stitch back to the left,, stopping just before the left edge of the Coal Car. Now is the fun part….

Add a decorative element like a deep zig zag.

Complete the decorative element, then finish the right side to complete the Coal Car.

Stitch to begin the next Coal Car.

Have fun coming up with a variety of decorative elements….

Wouldn’t it be fun to add pretty packages or animals in the cars?

Don’t worry about perfection—just have fun decorating the cars.

And of course, doodle first!!

Chugga,  chugga, Choo-Choo!!!


Conductor Lori

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  1. Just love this train, can see my planes, trains and automobile quilt is going to get finished ….Ya!Ya!Ya!…..Thank you so much……Doodle…..Doodle…….Doodling!!!!!!!! Lol

  2. Morning…thrilled for you re your book…awaiting my copy thru Etsy. The train is so cute…, thanks…

  3. Congratulations… looking forward to having the book in my hands! I’m using the square flower tutorial on the negative spaces on my triple disappearing nine patch and am loving it. Thanks for your inspiration….

  4. I am so excited! I can’t wait to have my order delivered. I ordered 2 so if I lend a book out, I still have one for me. 🙂

  5. Lori, I would sure like an autographed copy of your book, but find the shipping cost of OVER $11 totally outrageous! Whatever happened to Book Rate?!?

  6. I live in Australia, and have just ordered your book. Thank you so much for caring about us beginner free motion quilters from all over the world.

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