12 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Florence… you said it !! I agree, absolute perfection.. Lori. this portrait is genius. You have done a fabulous job..I cried… Our youngest grand son is 3 weeks old but we haven’t met him yet. The next one will turn 9 in few weeks..That went so fast. All our grands live out of state from us.. So, I yearn all the time..Making them quilts is my consolation. And I always stress to their parents: The quilt is made to be dragged around and enjoyed! I am hand sewing the binding for the little one this afternoon.
    Wish I could go with it to him.
    Lori, thank you for your tender heart of love that allows you to share such a personal photo with us. Are you sure this Jaunt is about stitching.? Seems to me there is more love than anything else. Thank you again…

  2. Just breath taking….,..,.So many things change threw the years……Boys and trains stay the same…. Thank you for sharing all that you are..God Bless

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