13 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. This has a sad atmosphere to me….Guess that is a feature of no colors…? Maybe it is an early Van Gogh too.

  2. I agree with Marta. Most of the art that you post is colorful, or glowing, with the seamstresses wearing pretty dresses and sometimes sewing with other women. This Van Gogh evokes sadness in me. It’s astounding that a chalk drawing conveys such emotion. Yet, the woman’s face seems to be devoid of emotion and empty.
    What talent!
    Wooden shoes are interesting.

    • Carolina, did you notice her eyebrow? I wondered if she needed glasses…
      T. Tebben, do you know whether he made black and white “studies” to prepare for painting a portrait in color?

      Maybe artists chose seamstresses as their subject because they assumed the seamstress was going to sit still long enough for the painting to be captured. 😉

  3. Oh, Vincent. I love him. I have three books of his letters with drawings too.
    My daddy gave me those books. There are little copies of his works in chalk and paper.
    This is very sweet. She has her klompen on, so good to keep the feet warm. Houses in Holland, always had a wind from the north west, so heavy curtains on colder days to keep warm
    Both of my parents and all of my ancestors are from Holland, so I can relate

    • I live in Holland and being Dutch I know the north-western winds very well. Can be very chill. These people painted by van Gogh were very, very poor. That and the way he depicted them makes it extra sad. The end of the story is that van Gogh himself died rather young and very poor as well. in the 50th/60th of the last century his desecdents gave the biggest private gift to the Durch state ever. That were almost all Vincents paintngs, under the condition that the Dutch state would build a public museum for it. Which is now the van Gogh museum in Amsterdam were we all can enjoy his work.

      • T. Tebben,
        Your information and perspective, living in Holland,is invaluable.
        No wonder the seamstress evokes sadness.
        Thank you for sharing.

  4. Just saw in my Facebook feed, maybe you’ve seen it, too. “Finishing the Quilt” watercolor by Mary Whyte. Could be another artist feature for future Saturday post.

    • Thank you! Her work is gorgeous! I will write to her to aak permission to use her art.

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