My Sewing Studio-Before and After!


Sewing Room, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

Do you remember the”Before” photos of my sewing room?  (I wrote about it HERE and HERE)  It was an organized mess–BUT it was brightly lit–so I loved it!

Last year I started the process of remodeling my sewing room…

The shelves were installed in December…

And I lived half in and half out of the room while I waited for the painter….

The real hardship came along with the painter– I couldn’t be in the room for ten days!

But it was definitely worth the wait!!!!

I am slowly moving in—organizing and purging as I go.

I’ve even found a few lost friends (more UFOs!)

It’s a little slice of heaven…

You won’t be seeing me for some time….

Cooking?  1-800-PIZZA

Lost in the upstairs room,


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77 thoughts on “My Sewing Studio-Before and After!

  1. This is simply stunning and inspiring. I am in the process of planning a sewing room remodel and need a touch of advice. How did you decide on a paint color? I soooo do not want white walls, but I feel I have to be careful so design wall quilts don’t change color to match… say yellow… walls. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. :::::drools:::: oh, soooo happy for you…. and a little bit jealous, but then, you are amazing and need a high quality office.
    Pizza is good, so is stouffers, and oh just about anything.
    I wish you many happy days organizing your space, and making a list of stuff you completely forgot you had or started, and wowie, get it done.

    If I lived close by, I would be lurking 😛

  3. I know you will enjoy and revel in this space. When my husband & sons built me an amazing studio in a new detached garage, there was discussion about running water to it and make a 1/2 bath & kitchenette. Good thing they did not: I might not ever come out. (there is a futon…..)

    • Hey Christine,,, our detached garage already had full bath, kitchenette, with cabinets and counter, hot water heater, and an empty murphy bed frame. Previous owners had lived there while the main house was built. I have one cushy straight chair I got at a sale for $2 ! It is wonderful, but mostly I plan, cut , sew standing at my very large drafting table. I have plastic bins for storage. Things hang on the rails for the garage door which we never open and close. I have a rebar pole 10 ft long to hang a flannel sheet to use for design wall. I am blessed to also have some space in the house for another sewing room. Because we live in rural area, I do not take food to the “cottage”. The last thing I want to discover is mice making nests in my batting stash !! To each his own…enjoy your futon anyway !

  4. wonderful studio! I say cook larger amounts so you have leftovers or homemade soup freezes well for later.

  5. Love it. Your posts are so inspiring. Have clean up my room lately to make finding things so much easier. Kay

  6. How Beautiful! Spaces for everything and everything in their places! Enjoy and may it spark your creative juices even more!!

  7. What a beautiful room,enjoy from all of us who have followed you for so long!Where is March 2nd’s inbox jaunt?

  8. Your room is beautiful and I know you will enjoy it. What a satisfying project despite – or maybe especially because of – the wait and work involved. I just finished cleaning the 3 closets in my sewing room —because I lost the instructional disc to a new sewing machine. Good news- closets cleaned and purged; bad news – still haven’t found the disc!

    • We have a saying at our house.. “If it is not where it is supposed to be, look where it is not supposed to be.” Sounds like you did just that! Best wishes..

  9. Love your new room but I would miss terribly that gorgeous red poppy. You need to bring that back in. That’s major inspiration and makes a smile.

  10. I agree with Hillary….bring the lovely red flower back……Otherwise, gorgeous work room.

  11. I am excited for you. With all that you do you need a wonderful space like that. Enjoy it to the fullest! Love to you!

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