11 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. I wonder if you can still get a refund? Remember dragging all those bottles to the grocery store. As children we used to take a wagon and go around the neighborhood and knock on doors to see if anyone had bottles they wanted to get rid of. It payed better than selling lemonade.

  2. Memory box ! I remember the short bottles.. I remember when they began to produce the taller bottles..It was strange to have such a large amount to drink. I remember we looked on the bottom of the bottles to see where it had been produced. The person whose bottle was from the most miles away won ! What did they win? Prestige of course…LOL… That used to be enough…

  3. Ah, you revived memories 67 years old! My parents had a restaurant and ice-cold CocaCola was served from those short, frosty bottles. Empties waited in their crates for the delivery man to come and magically replace them every week with full ones. Sometimes, he brought a new advertising tray or poster! Sweet!

  4. My friend and I collected and sold enough bottles to buy her a round trip bus trip to see my Dad and family in Harlingen, Texas and back to Albertville. Alabama. I look at the picture and see a Coca Cola evolution from small bOutlet to large to cans to miniature and half-sized bottles. And, from cane sugar to artificial sweeteners. I see, also, an evolution from moderation to excess. Interesting picture.

  5. This picture reminds me of a display of photographs done by my former Dr. and my favorite of the group was a sidewalk with a board fence in the background and three empty “pop” bottles on the back edge of the sidewalk.

  6. Ahhhh, sweet memories. Seems as children we were happy when we could collect enough bottles for “some money” & the bottom of the bottles taught us a lot of geography/history. I’ve not had a Coke in years–they lost their appeal for me when the artificial sweetener was added. Love the picture, Thank you ever so much Lori.

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