Gone Fishin’

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

I’m off on a little quilting adventure…

Isn’t it amazing the people you meet and the places you go when you have a hobby like quilting?  It’s our little sub-culture.

Quilt retreats, classes, shop-hops, online friends.

Quilting has certainly enriched my life!


This quilt was stitched on Kona cotton fabric with Aurifil 28 wt cotton (white) and Sulky Rayon 40wt in blue on my BERNINA 770QE!

Notice how thread can help “paint” your subject!


What about YOU?

How has quilting enriched YOUR life?

What is the best quilt adventure YOU have taken?

Any plans for 2017?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Photo details of my adventure coming soon!


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13 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. I recently attended a free machine embroidery class which was really exciting. Quilting is a great hobby for meeting wonderful people and expressing your creativity! Hope you have a great adventure!

  2. How has quilting enriched my life??? You might as well ask, how has breathing enriched my lungs! Thousands of both small and large things have happened as a result of quilting . . . and it keeps on giving!

    Thank you for your blog. I love it, and love those fish!!!!!!

    • Kathy,where are you going and what will you be teaching ? I have been to Alaska and sailed the Voyage of the Vikings . My current plan is to sail the Voyage of the midnight sun . These are the Quilt Cruise at Sea sailing with Holland America . Next year will be Bali. I am totally addicted and it is such a wonderful way to learn and meet people from many places.

  3. Quilting has enriched my life through the wonderful creative outlet that it provides AND because of the truly amazing, talented, lovely people I’ve met (YOU, for example!). I’ll be forever appreciative of the quilt friends I’ve made throughout my quilts journey! Collateral beauty, for sure!!

  4. 7 years ago, when I arrived in Le Havre, coming from Paris, the quilting group of the place welcomed me so nicely that I felt immediately adopted. I retain it very important to be member of a group to feel quickly “at home”. As I thanked them warmly for there kindness, I was answered, “it’s nothing else than the “spirit of Quilting” !
    As you say, quilting has certainly enriched my life too. Nowadays I feel much more than a member of that group, I found there, kind of a family.
    Thank you Lorie for that new fish models.

  5. After working for many years, retirement set in and a DD encouraged me to move from my 30yr. residence in CO, to WV. Never realizing how much I was leaving behind, years of friendships of great worth. So, now, I sit on my ridge, quite isolated and being way too old to build a new friendship circle, I found it, quilting online. So many friendships now that I never feel alone.

  6. We moved to our retirement home in a new province; no kids in school to meet other parents, no ties to our new community with friends or family, not working. It is very difficult to meet new friends. But I joined a guild and last week attended my first retreat, no sleepover but lots of laughs over games, show and tell, great meals. Invitations are flowing now and my calendar is filling up. Lots of new friends with a shared enthusiasm for our hobby and craft.

  7. Oh, Donna, it is never too late… We retired from town to rural area and at age 70+
    I have found other quilters tucked in pockets all over this wooded/ farm county. I love my online relationship with The Inbox Jaunt, but flesh and blood X’s and O’s are wonderful too. I had not believed local friendships could happen without years of experiences together, but how wrong I was. I hope you can entertain that
    possibility for yourself. My grandmother told me. “To have a friend, be one!” and in spite of health issues, it has happened.

  8. Through quilting, I have enjoyed many friendships – personal and virtual. Adventures – Through the years, I have been able to go on an annual quilt retreat with friends and family-wonderful times devoted to doing something I enjoy while connecting with so many interesting people who shared this passion while we learned and explored together.
    My first quilt retreat was when my 4 children were still young and at home and the time away at a beautiful convent in Wisconsin with no cooking, no dishes, no responsibilities – was sorely needed :). My last quilt class was when I went to the John C. Campbell Folk School of art – in addition to meeting wonderful people from all over the country who love to quilt, I met a variety of crafts people and artists during meal times- I loved every minute of it. Now my daughters are quilting too – and my youngest granddaughter is learning to sew! So, yes, quilting has enriched my life with color, beauty and friendships – what more could you ask?

  9. I hope you have a wonderful quilting adventure and I look forward to seeing photos and hearing about it. I’ve been blessed with a number of wonderful quilting adventures, but I think the one that stands out the most was taking a workshop with Diane Gaudynski at Asilomar/Empty Spools, many years back. It was also where I met Cindy Needham, who I later took a workshop with at the same retreat, which I’d do again any chance I could. Would love to see you teach at Asilomar too!


    PS – I love your fish. I’m planning a nautical theme quilt that they’d be perfect for.

  10. Quilting has helped improve my sense of geometry and my understanding of spatial relations,; and those skills continue to improve all the time. When I first started, I had a fine sense of color but couldn’t figure out tricky blocks without help, nor did I follow written directions particularly well. I’m still no expert, but I have become more patient and I’ve learned how to take the time to figure things out on my own.

    Quilting also introduced me to an entirely new circle of friends. I love the generosity and openness to others that quilters share. And I’m in my late sixties — so hooray for growth and change in any endeavor!!

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