5 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art-Realism

  1. Hmmm, don’t love this for my wall… but she has very interesting bio. Again, people
    of the era didn’t have electric lighting and depended on lamps or daylight through windows. Amazing that paint colors were so true and impressive. I think this work must have been a foray into Impressionism. Enjoyed her other paintings too.

  2. Lori, I look forward to your seamstresses in fine art every Saturday!
    This one is quite special. I love this painting, the blue of course is striking
    Harriet’s bio is quite lovely, a very fortunate woman
    I do like her paintings and her style.
    Happy Saturday dear friend

  3. I love this painting especially the blue walls & notice that blue is her anchor colour in several of the other works. The drawing certainly helped with the dimension of her paintings; the realism era is a favorite of many including me. Thank you again Lori I so look forward to these informative Saturdays.

  4. Her paintings are meticulous as per the light they didn’t have, dark cavernous rooms and no really large windows. I especially like “listening to Papa play”. Funny thing struck me, she died about a week and half before I was born.

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