Machine Quilting Valentine’s Day–Round Up

Good Morning, Quilters!

Do you LOVE Valentine’s Day?

From my earliest schooldays–when we got to decorate a Kleenex “mailboxes” with doilies -I have LOVED everything associated with Valentine’s Day.

Here is a round-up of Valentine’s motifs– (more coming in the next two weeks)

Spiral Heart Border

Spiral Heart Border

Doodle Heart

Free Motion Quilted Heart

Heart Leaf Vine

Free Motion Quilting Tutorial-The Heart Leaf Vine

Double Heart Vine

Free Motion Quilt Tutorial, Double Heart Leaf Vine

Extra Sweetheart Border

The Extra-Sweet Heart Border Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Here is a little quilt I made for my mother–with one of her favorite songs…

The Extra-Sweet Heart Border Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

One of my earliest “doodle quilts”:

Free Motion Quilting, Hearts

If YOU are planning to make a quilt for YOUR Valentine–

Remember to DOODLE FIRST!

Doodle, Valentines, Zentangle

And while you’re at it—make a few cards for your sweethearts…

Doodle Envelopes, Zentangle, Lori Kennedy

Plain envelopes with red markers or white gel pens on brown paper…

Doodle Envelopes, Zentangle, Lori Kennedy

What about YOU?

Do you LOVE Valentine’s Day?

Do YOU love to doodle? (I hope so….)

Do YOU love to machine quilt?

We’d LOVE to hear!


PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, pin or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at  Thanks!


18 thoughts on “Machine Quilting Valentine’s Day–Round Up

  1. Yes, yes, and yes!!! ? Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days. Red, hearts, love, and often flowers and chocolate! What’s not to like, right? I love doodling and machine quilting, too! (I’m pretty sure you already know that!!). And, I love this post! Have a beautiful day, Lori!!! You’re awesome!!

  2. Hi Lori…just love your Valentines. I had been attracted to Zen Tangle (aka Doodling) and just love this interaction between drawing and free motion quilting. Your designs are just amazing. Thanks for sharing!! Linda

  3. I USED to love Valentine’s Day…it was at least one of 3 days my hubby of 45 years was sure to be romantic! 2 years ago I lost my father unexpectedly on Valentine’s Day…Mom had a massive stroke at his funeral and died 6 days after him. I have come to dread Valentine’s Day…I’d really just like to skip Thanksgiving to March 1st. Sorry to be such a downer…but you asked. Your heart motifs are very beautiful.

    • Kathy, My youngest sister Betty was born on Valentine’s day. She died at a too soon age, still the day brings a smile to my face and fills my heart with memories. I’m sorry for all your sadness but maybe you can find joy in your precious memories. And also I find my solace in my precious, everloving Savior who is my comforter.
      I hope this Valentine’s day will fill you with joy. Maybe you can make a memory quilt. I think I may attempt one too.

    • Sometimes it just nice to say these things – and just be honest. How sad to lose both parents so close together. I’m so sorry. I do pray that God’s peace will heal your heart. (((hugs)))

      • Good words, Linda… we lost my mom-in-law on Valentine’s Day 2006..She was sick only one day and at age 91. She was a very active and energetic person all her days. Valentine hearts remind me of her and the love she gave us all. We miss her so much but are comforted by the thought she is in Heaven,,,probably trying to tell the Lord how to do things..just a joke.
        Kattails, how devoted to each other your parents must have been….wow. A lovely testimony to all of us. (((hugs))) from here too.

    • When I unexpectedly lost my husband 10 years ago, and elderly gentleman friend stopped by work. “Darlene,” he said, “I understand all those happy memories of Randy only bring tears now, but you should know that there will absolutely come a day when they will again bring smiles.” He was right, and you will laugh and smile and enjoy Valentine’s Day again.

  4. My grandmother often sang the ‘bushel and a peck’ song to me as a child! I love the compilation of heart motifs you curated for us. Thank you Lori!

    • Whenever my grandgirls (3 and 9) spend the night I sing “bushel and a peck” while I hug them, and I throw in a few changes to make it personal. It’s my most requested song-and much better than when I’m asked to stop that singing!!!!

  5. I was just thinking about what new motif I want to work on this week and here it is! We might have Valentines all over the house this year!
    BTW Lori, when I click on the photo I just get a photo by photo tutorial. When I type the motif name in the search box I get the entire tutorial which is what I really need.

  6. I have a background fabric that is white with pencil thin swirling hearts on it. Do you, Lori, or any reader have a suggestion on how to quilt it. I love your hearts, but it seems to me that would be “too much” for this fabric. It’s on a mug rug, so there isn’t a lot of space, but too much to not do fmq on it. Thanks and Happy Happy Hearts Day to all.

  7. Your hearts and doodles are enlivening.
    I love your generosity , the honesty and support of your followers ,You all remind me to take care of our loved ones in the present and carry all in our hearts.
    Thank you Lori!

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