13 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. That is exactly what struck me too when I looked at this painting. How on earth could they see what they were doing in the dim daylight and no bright electric lights to see by.

  2. My breath almost left me !! This is so incredible… I love it and would love to have a print in my living room…Lori, you outdid yourself again finding great “sewing” art !
    How blessed to be living in the Information age…

  3. This is a beautiful painting from the stand point of the view of the interior.
    This looks like a rather nice living space for the mid 1600’s.
    They even had a “pet bird” living in the cage on the wall.
    Pretty windows. I think back in these times, people learned to do many things in the dark. During WW2 my mom was living with her family in Rotterdam. She was 19 and there was not much for electricity, hot water, much less food- read about the Hunger Winter and that was what my mom lived through.
    Anyway, she played the piano in the dark, and could all her life.
    I am so glad I did not live back then.
    I love Dutch painters 🙂

  4. My great grandpa was a tailor…I didn’t know this until a few years back. He lived in MN. I guess I get my sewing and fabric love from him! My grandpa never wore a store bought suit.Amazing! :). I’ve often daydreamed what his shop was like. He lived in a big beautiful house in Sleepy Eye and had a huge family. Business must of been good. 🙂

  5. Many Dutch artists painted the realism of the day as is noted in The Louvre which explains why their works so easily speak to us & are easy to pick out. As in The Black Watch, their art often is not “enhanced” or is simply as is. I like that aspect & love Dutch painters I suppose for their pureness of time. Thank you Lori.

  6. Used to love roaming around the art houses when I lived in Haarlem, 20 minutes from Amsterdam and an older city with amazing artists and architecture. Rembrandt museum, Frans Hals museum. But New Zealand has some amazing ariists as well and great museums and art galleries

    • I thought so…I guess I am more aware than I was before as one of our daughter’s used to teach classes RE breastfeeding..

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