A Little Birdie Told Me…

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Good Morning, Quilters!

It’s a crazy weather week here in Minnesota…There is snow on the ground but it’s supposed to rain later today!

So here’s what I finished this week–while watching the new Masterpiece show, Victoria –trailer—-(LOVE)

Also, have you seen The Crown-see the trailer HERE?  I highly recommend it!!!

What about YOU?

What are YOU stitching?

What are YOU watching?

Do YOU usually watch TV or listen to music while you quilt?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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57 thoughts on “A Little Birdie Told Me…

  1. Presently watching “The Crown”. Love it. I usually listen to audiobooks while quilting. Really enjoy simultaneously “reading” and quilting at the same time.
    Love your Blog

  2. Well, sorry to hear of the snow. I have been cleaning & organizing my sewing tools & stuff. Or, sunning in the 75+ degree weather in NC. Getting ready to start my next project, a bag for sewing tools.

    So love your work. Can’t wait to see your book on shelves.

    Be well; stay warm!!

  3. I always watch TV when I sew, or I should say it is on. I did watch the 2 hr first episode of Victoria and loved it!

  4. My sister in law from the U.K. Is visiting, so she gives us background information and answers our questions while we watch The Crown each evening! Love it, and love your happy birdie too!

  5. I watched Victoria on Masterpiece and it was fabulous. I started to watch the Crown on Netflix….just gotta find the time to watch all of it..here in Illinois we are getting so much rain, fog and cloudy days…great to be quilting weather and much better than snow!

  6. The Crown is wonderful! I have Victoria recorded for the next time I get into the studio. Also watching The Gilmore Girls. I never watched it before. So family-relevant.

  7. When I piece, I like to listen to music that is peppy; sometimes on the way to press a piece, I stop to dance for awhile. When I free motion quilt, I like to listen to mellow, calming music; I need to concentrate on smooth stitches, not lyrics. My tunes are within arm’s length of my sewing machine!

  8. I like the use of two colors with beautiful stitching. Thank you for posting a hint of spring to come in Minnesota.

  9. Can we do a mind meld? I would love to be able to do that! I listen to music. Mostly rock with a little country thrown in. Watched the first episode of Victoria last night. LOVED it. I too had helpful background commentary from my Brit husband.

  10. I am on the retirement countdown, 7 days remaining to work when I return on Monday. Meanwhile, I’m recouping from cataract surgery and enjoying visit from sister. Thinking and planning my next quilting project after I sew on the binding of a quilt that has been a year in the making!!!

  11. Your work is always beautiful but… I cannot see how you (and others) can watch TV while doing such intricate quilting. I hand sew in the evenings but mostly listen to the TV. I often look up when there is something that sounds like I HAVE to see what is happening. But I usually just hear the shows.

      • I, too, ‘listen’ to TV while quilting. If I’m working on something I need to concentrate on, I’ll put on something I’ve seen before.

        I also occasionally listen to audiobooks or music while quilting.

  12. I saw The Crown on Netflix, it was wonderful. I have Victoria recorded for when I have sewing time later. Yes, I usually watch something I have recorded while sewing. Right now I am wrestling with a wool batting on a large quilt Scrap Dance Waltz pattern on the longarm, hope to get it done by tomorrow.

  13. Good Morning! I am interested in your Craftsy classes. When you click on the links, the Doodle to Design class shows your sale price. However, the Divide & Conquer class shows the regular price.

  14. I had to share…I have my 85 yr old MIL staying with us for 3 wks while recuperating from hip surgery after a fall. I have her piecing away while we assemble 2 quick and easy quilts for her great granddaughters’ twin beds!! We are laughing and plugging away at record speed. Evenings, we have watched PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and ONCE (which are upcoming local Broadway tour events (for my husband and me). All is good in Northern Alabama! Love and admire your work, Lori!

  15. I just watched Lemony Snickett yesterday while I was quilting a table runner. It was very entertaining and yet I still focused enough on what I was doing to do a pretty good job. Funny how that works! I watched the first episode of Victoria the other night…I am going to love this! I’ll have to check out The Crown.

  16. I always have TV on while doing my hand quilting. Watched the first season of The Crown and loved it, can’t wait for next season later this year. Planning to watch Victoria.

  17. I always have NPR on in the studio while I’m working. This week is a fun paper-pieced animal block baby sleeping bag for a baby due in March and 5 microwave bowl cozies for another client. Always do my hand work watching TV so I’m looking forward to Victoria and The Crown. Thanks for the heads up!!

  18. I usually listen to TV – it is on and I am working. I think it is just noise in the background, but sometimes I do hear what is going on.

  19. Me, too- watch recorded episodes of anything Masterpiece or Masterpiece Classics, Masterpiece Mystery. Thank goodness for PBS! If I am concentrating on learning a new technique, though, I have from my young married days going in the background. Familiar lyrics and scores are satisfying. Appreciate that our work and tutorials immensely.

  20. Still not sure what’s going on. Jenny Lyons blog (Quilt Skipper) came to my inbox again under In Box Jaunt. Last week I got the Crafty Quilter in the same way. Is there a problem with the blogging program?

  21. Good morning, That is a super awesome bird! When I am making, I can only listen to music, as I get involved in the show and can’t seem to sew or anything… and I had to binge watch The Crown, because I got into it so much! I stayed up last night watching the first episode of Victoria, because, again, I couldn’t stop, until it was done and now can’t wait for the next episode! When Downton Abby was on, I couldn’t wait for those episodes, and ended up with place mats, that became a quilt! I had gotten so involved, that I forgot them for a couple of years, and when i rediscovered them, I decided they weren’t the colors I wanted for my table anymore, so I turned them into a quilt! Lesson learned: Haste makes waste, but lemons make lemonade!

  22. Just went to England so love watching Victoria and seeing again the places we visited. I am finishing up my 365 block Challenge. So happy to have met the challenge and learned so much about precision!

  23. I just wrote a comment but forgot to post it before getting distracted by stuff!
    I’m a Scot living in Germany for the past 35 years. I’m currently applying for dual citizenship. Brexit is a disaster for any Brit expat in Europe. But I do remember my British history and while no expert, I would say that, artistic licence aside, both Victoria and The Crown are pretty spot-on. But wouldn’t Victoria have been thrilled if Melbourne had really looked like Rufus Sewell!!!
    Amazingly I’m just watching a BBC report of The Donald’s family on the Isle of Lewis! They all think he should get a haircut! And his father was German. I feel trapped…
    Back to the Royals. I showed a friend round my home town of Edinburgh and we visited the Royal Yacht Brittania – fabulous! Last year British telly was choc-a-bloc with the Queen’s 90th birthday and nostalgia trips, including family holidays on the Yacht, the only place they could really relax away from prying eyes. This respect carried on during many years of Elizabeth’s reign but sadly (?) this has changed, hence the reporting embargoes on the great-grandkids.

    I am in total awe of Lori’s quilting. I am still at the “stitch in the ditch” stage with a few embellishments from my Pfaff Performance 5. Lots to learn! But I need total silence in order to concentrate. I once tried to listen to an audio book of The Brothers Karamasow whilst cross-stitching – cross-stitch won!

    DT is not the flavour of the month (year/century) in Scotland given his treatment of the local folk when he decides to build a golf course (we have enough already!). Some fear that this attitude will expand to the whole world. Just saying…

  24. Binged on the Crown and already hooked on Victoria. I hand sew while watching tv while machine sewing I listen to my machine! While cutting I’ll listen to podcasts or a audiobook.
    ❤️ your work Lori!

  25. I love your daily offerings. Have the intention of really learning to do FMQ on my domestic machine. Even though I have a LA, due to physical problems I can’t use it as I would like to. However, on the LA I can get the quilts sandwiched, do some basting by the LA and then take it off and work on the domestic. It has given me new hope of getting my UFO’s done.

    I always have either country music or Neil Diamond singing for me while I am in my sewing haven. At times I will have reruns from Hallmark movies as I have seen them before and don’t have to watch them.

    Keep on inspiring us – I want to be just like you when I grow up.

  26. After an early morning oncology appointment, I am only now able to read the comments which I’m enjoying immensely. Love the “bird” Lori & with your love/talent for photography is most appropriate.
    When I am able to quilt or work on some fibre art pieces I must have opera playing in the background,(sorry everyone who dislikes this music), as it soothes & lifts my soul to great heights. I detest most of the trivial television except for the mentioned BBC produced Victoria & Crown & some National Geographic. As I have spent a lot of alone time I have developed a love of quiet silence. Once a priest remarked that he had gone for lunch after mass to a family’s home with 4 TV’s which they immediately turned on & then completely ignored, but there was continual noise. Father continued, “I wondered if they were afraid of their own thoughts.” I have never forgotten this comment which has helped me in times of great stress.
    Thank all of you for loving Lori’s wonderful blog as much as I do, I so miss the comments it when she is absent.

  27. If the TV is on at all, I have found that I “listen” to Reality shows like Flip or Flop, Chopped, The Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. If I watch anything with a plot I don’t do much quilting as I get caught up in the plot and do not want to miss anything. I would rather have nothing on. I like the peacefulness of the machine running.

  28. Any of the political talk shows or when the presidential debates were on. This way I can listen and sew but not have to pay attention to the TV screen. My husband doesn’t like politcs so I would go to my sewing cave and watch it without putting him through it. Also Big Bang theory because they are mostly repeats and I only need to hear w/o watching. Sometimes books on CDs, This American Life, or Classical music for studying on Pandora. Sometimes just silence. If I put a new show on I will stop sewing and watch TV.

  29. This month I have been a sewing fool! Finished and quilted one twin size and have two others ready to quilt. They will go to our local women’s transitional housing. When a family comes in each child gets to pick a quilt to keep. Also made a quilter’s carry bag, a mandala of my name,(very cool project; got the idea from Sewing With Nancy), and a Japanese Knot bag to carry my knitting in. I normally don’t have any background sound on; maybe occasionally classical music, James Taylor or Steely Dan. I really enjoy the quiet the most.
    I had sewn so much I was almost looking forward to garden season 😉

  30. I haven’t watched television in 20 years. I usually listen to music when I sew because I can’t stand to hear the fluorescent lights buzz. And if that bird above had a rusty red breast, I would say he was one of the crazy local robins that have been around. I heard one trilling when I went out the door to my meeting and discovered I”m stuck in the ice and not going anywhere.

  31. Watched the Crown while at my son’s, love to listen to audio books checked out from the library while sewing, will alternate with PBS classical. So good to hear of so many others doing the same. Your posts are always an inspiration, both during the week and the weekend.

  32. Lori, I live 100 miles east of you. We have a lot of snow and after a storm on monday and tuesday, a lot of ice. Our driveway has over an inch of ice which will probably be there until April since it is on the north side of our 2 story house.
    Hubby and I watched The Crown. Loved it! He works with a Brit who said that his wife loved the show also. I just set up to record Victoria. How many did I miss?
    I watch/listen to recorded tv while I sew. Commercials drive me crazy so while fast forwarding through those I usually march in place to get in a few steps.

  33. I rarely watch TV. But when I do, it is usually one of the Hallmark channels or PBS.

    I really, really like your little bird.

  34. Tickled that the little birdie has his own umbrella… or “umbom” as our family calls it since Child #1 christened it 47 yrs ago.. .My tinnitus is bearable when there is some background noise..I like some TV and some Bill Gaither CD’s, Mannheim Steamroller, Larnel Harris, Sandy Patti, and Blue Echo from many years ago.

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