Make New Friends-Kelly Ashton

Kelly Ashton, Lori Kennedy, Quilts

Good Morning, Quilters!

One of the best parts of being a BERNINA Ambassador is the people you meet…

And one of the nicest people I’ve met is the amazing, Kelly Ashton.

Kelly Ashton, Lori Kennedy

Kelly is a passionate quilter who has been quilting since childhood.  She learned to sew in Home Economics and now sews on average 2-3 hours day and as many as sixteen hours!!!  At any given time, Kelly has 4-5 projects in process on her family of BERNINA sewing machines.  Her current machine is a BERNINA 780.

Kelly Ashton Quilt Book

Her specialty is precision piecing and she LOVES math!

Kelly’s book HERE  :Hexagons, Diamonds, Triangles, and More: Skill-Building Techniques for 60-Degree Patchwork is filled with her patterns and tips and tricks for precision piecing.

Kelly Ashton, Lori Kennedy, Quilts

Check out Kelly’s website It’s filled with her wit and wisdom–be sure to watch her intro video–you really get a sense of her lovely personality.


Kelly Ashton, Lori Kennedy, Quilts

One of Kelly’s most popular guild lectures is “Quilting is not a Matter of Life and Death….It’s more Important than That.”–exploring the value of quilting-making in the quality of many lives.

Kelly Ashton, Lori Kennedy, Quilts

Kelly and I collaborated on these quilts.

She did the piecing of course…

Kelly Ashton, Lori Kennedy, Quilts

It’s always fun to work out of the box…

Kelly Ashton, Lori Kennedy, Quilts

And to Make New Friends!!!

Get Kelly’s  Craftsy Video HERE—25% OFF until April 11–The discount will be applied in the shopping cart.

What about YOU?

Have YOU made any new friends as a result of your quilting hobby?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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14 thoughts on “Make New Friends-Kelly Ashton

  1. Oh – what a small world! We’ve just signed up to take Kelly’s ‘Seven Fancy Sisters’ class at the Lancaster AQS show, my mother, sister and I. We’re so looking forward to the show, the classes, the shopping, and lots of girl time together!!

  2. Happy new year! Beautiful piecing, beautiful quilting Lori. I particularly love the purple and yellow sample. I so wish that I could love maths. I guess my brain isn’t wired like that so I am grateful that people who do share their designs.

  3. Gee, Lori, you are wearing only a sweater in the Bernina mountains..Hot flash ?? !! My son has requested hexagons in his quilt.. I have been on lookout for the right easily sewn pieced pattern…have 10 fabrics collected already. This book may have a suitable pattern for me.

  4. Beautiful quilts Lori… love the piecing and the quilting! I have made some great friends through quilting…. meeting wonderful like-minded people at quilt workshops and also through a local quilt group that I belong to and not forgetting to mention the online friends I have met through blogging from all over the World, some of whom I have met in person now too. It is a great way to connect!

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  6. I met my best friend through quilting, and also met many wonderful people in the guild that I joined when I started quilting.

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