My New Sewing Studio


Sewing Room, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

Last year, my friend Kimberley Einmo asked me to send her photos of my sewing room for a guild lecture she was preparing.  After much cleaning, I sent her a few sanitized photos like this:  (See more HERE)

I felt a little dishonest, because this serene setting was staged…

My Sewing Room, Lori Kennedy

The rest of the sewing room looked like this:

Sewing Room, Lori Kennedy


For most of my sewing career, I have carved out a small space in my basements next to the laundry room to sew.  I always installed good lighting, but used a hodge- podge of boxes, shelves and banquet tables.

When we moved to Minnesota, I took the bonus room over the garage for my sewing area.  I just moved the mess right into my new space. For the first time, I was out of the basement and I had huge windows!  I just loved the room…

But now….

We’ve splurged on REAL SHELVES!!  and a REAL ISLAND!!!

There are shelves to hold my stencils and drawers for all my fabric.  Cabinets to hide my messy stuff and a huge island for cutting!

I even had two huge bulletin boards/design walls installed!

Now all they need is a few coats of paint!

More photos to come…

Floating on air,


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90 thoughts on “My New Sewing Studio

  1. This will be such a wonderful space. I can imagine the joy & excitement you will feel each time you winter.

  2. Its very’s a meditation room also when y daughter moved out and got married her room was my little sanctuary,
    . I own The DragonFly Quilt Shop in vero Florida. I really thought I would get a lot of sewing done no I find I’m staying after hours and taking things home only to bring them back..and forth..I like it at home no disruptions..just silence..I need that sometimes..enjoy your new space

  3. That is just wonderful, lucky you! Can’t wait to see your final pictures. But, any room works as long as we get to sew… right? Keep warm…

  4. Lori, I don’t think it is wrong for me to be giddy goodness excited seeing your new space. How goosebumpy great is it? SOOOO much fun! You deserve every goodness and to enjoy it to the hilt! Love all the light… and the island… and all the storage… oh my… smiling from ear to ear here. 🙂 I love thread also… and fabric… and rulers… and scissors… and paint… :))))

  5. I’m also getting a new studio above the garage. I’m waiting on the heating and cooling unit to be installed and a half wall to be made by the open stairway.

  6. Lori…..there really aren’t sufficient words!!!! But, I’ll try “gorgeous” for one!!!! A “room” is a designated space to pass time doing an activity. A “studio” is a designated space where creativity and passion is activated resulting in awesome finishes!!!!!!

  7. This is a nice solution to a messy (creative?) problem. I looked at your posts from last year. You will never be as messy as I am, lol. I am now in the process of cleaning up my sewing studio and hope that I won’t become distracted by all the projects I come across. When we moved here to Shepherdstown, WV, seven years ago, we made the whole second floor bonus space into my sewing studio. Before adding a full bath, the space was 920 square feet. You won’t believe the mess I can make! I took some before pictures so that I can have something for comparison when I get the cleaning and reorganizing done. This is my project for January (and maybe February!). Wish me luck, too!

    • Wishing you luck!! But isnt it fun to re-organize!? Ive been re aquainted with quite a few old friends.

    • I had them custom made. I found a great cabinetmaker. I can share his name if anyone is interested.

  8. This is fantastic! I, too, am in the process of cleaning out and re-vamping my sewing room. I made a few attempts last year but it has become painfully obvious to me that I must gut the entire room and re-move in. It will be a monumentum task, but I prefer organization to clutter. Looking forward to seeing your new space – how exciting!

  9. Love the cabinets/shelves. What kind are they? And the island, how is it constructed? When I’m really back to my own house, the sewing space will need something like this, so any additional info would be appreciated. Right now I have odd metal shelving and bookcases, huge storage bins…it’s not pretty!

  10. I’m so happy for you. A nice sewing space can make all the difference in our creativity. Mine is a hodgepodge of furniture and “make-do” pieces….I’m still hoping (even at my advanced age of 64…lol) to have a “put-together” studio sometime. Your space is incredible….ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE ISLAND!!!! Stay warm….

  11. So delighted that you now have the layout that your work deserves. Now we will expect you to be even more creative and productive 🙂

  12. It looks like you are going to have tons of fun in there! Beautiful cabinets and cutting table. I think you must deserve it with all the work you do 🙂 Thanks for sharing; I’m always interested to see how other quilters and sewers set up their rooms!

  13. Congratulations on your new studio. As someone who always “found a space” to do my sewing, my husband had a studio built for me in our home last year. I am in heaven! It has the best lighting, and I designed the layout. Enjoy your new space.

  14. It is funny that you said they need a new coat of paint because I was sitting here thinking “I wonder what color that is?” I really like it and am thinking of something similar for my kitchen cabinets. I love how your sewing space is coming along!

  15. Wow…. it looks awesome…. but you will have to let us know if it’s enough space! I took over my bonus apartment above the garage and still don’t seem to have enough room for all my quilting, knitting, longarm machine, tv for when I have to listen to a program, while I am making; cats and….. etc… etc…. etc…! LOL! I could use a 5000sf house and I would probably find a way to not have enough room! Especially for all that fabric that just looks so inviting to touch! Can’t wait to see it put together!

  16. your studio is beautiful,,, my husband is currently building me a new sewing station for my bernina, embroidery machine and cutting station!

  17. Wow! I was going to say “I’m jealous”. But. In all honesty. I’m so happy for you! I often see wonderful pictures of noted quilters studios and think I’ll have one when I deserve it. Ha! I do deserve it…just don’t want to take the time to make it happen. Please let us know if you’re more productive in the new area. It certainly looks like you will be! Congratulations!

  18. Just out of curiosity, what are the dimensions of the room? I’m in the process of planning the layout of a 12 X 16 space, which I assume is considerably smaller than your bonus room.

  19. How wonderful! I would love to see photos of each area as it is finished and filled. It’s great to see how others (when they get a fresh new space) store all of the stuff that goes into our hobby/passion/livelihood.
    Congrats – and a zinger of a way to start a new year I might add.

  20. Absolutely beautiful cabinets! My Dad was a cabinet maker among other things. Having a place for everything or at least almost everything is very beneficial especially if there are doors to hide it all. LOL I noticed in the old photo that you had a jar for dog treats. Sure hope you have a prime spot in the re-do of the room for that as it can be the most important “piece” in the room … along with a dog bed. I have both in mine and it’s for two dogs so the space gets a bit crowded when the weather is not so great but I don’t have much choice. By the way I love that Poppy wall hanging. I bought that pattern many years ago and seeing yours has inspired me to go hunt it down in my disheveled studio (moving makes everything disappear for a while … or forever). It’s beautiful!

  21. Yesterday I was at my daughter’s home…. babysitting Sarah. well, she was still napping, so I busied myself cleaning up toys and clutter
    AND I took a careful look at two cabinets from Ikea that they have in their kitchen. Christina wants to sell them. Hmmmm, maybe we can make a trade off somewhere or I will just buy them. I liked the glass doors
    This looks great, Lori.
    Being organized and neat and tidy is a very good habit 😀

  22. That is going to be wonderful! I am married to a cabinetmaker, so I am spoiled. I don’t have a cutting island though! Waiting for more pictures!

  23. Beautiful! I have a small bedroom and my sewing machine is located in a closet and I have a mishmash of shelves and storage, but when I’m in there, my soul sings! And my grandchildren love to be there with me. Right now I’m involved with making a photograph album and journal of my quilts, so I am living in creative chaos. Can’t wait to see your finished space.

  24. aaawwwesome! I just cleaned up my sewing room – a project I like to do after Christmas. In regard to a previous comment about filling closets…we have moved several times, and no matter how many closets you have, you ALWAYS need one more!

  25. So wish I had those great pieces of furniture! And I LOVE that poppy quilt. Did you design that yourself? It’s magnificent. I’m pretty organized in my sewing room, but don’t have good storage at all. Very frustrating 🙁

  26. You deserve this great space and I know you’ll enjoy it!
    It amazes me that every time I take a day to get my sewing space organized, it returns to chaos in an amazingly short span of time. Why?? I am afraid to admit what that probably says about me :>

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