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Carnations, vintage Sewing Notions

Good Afternoon, Quilters!

I’m off to a late start today…exciting news to share…

But first–our regular scheduled programming–


When I was started blogging, I consider the tagline:  Quilts. Photography. Family. Flowers…

To me, there is nothing as inspiring as walking (and photographing my way) through a garden, arboretum or garden center in June, July and August–

But in January, February, March and April, when the Minnesota winters are white and cold—-I really LOVE flowers!!!  I seek them out every where–from books to quilting and I buy them every week for my kitchen table, my nightstand and occasionally for my sewing room.


For thousands of years, flowers have been given as symbols of love, affection, friendship and sympathy.  They are used on flags and heraldry and the color of the flower has a language of its own.  Flowers are found in songs, books and folklore in most cultures and decorate tiles, textiles and architecture throughout the world.

So this year at The Inbox Jaunt–we are starting a new series:  Machine Quilting the Flower of the Month.

Carnations, vintage Sewing Notions


If your birthday is in January-Carnations are your flower!

Carnations generally mean love, admiration or affection and each color of carnation carries a different meaning.

Red–deep love

White-pure love or admiration

Green-good luck

Pink-a Mother’s love

Yellow–don’t ever give anyone yellow carnations–they symbolize disappointment or rejection!  (But you can buy them for yourself–LOL!)

Carnations, vintage Sewing Notions


Exciting News—I just got off the phone with Nancy Zieman–I’m going to be on her show, Sewing with Nancy.

Filming in February!

(I think I will bring her a posy of Violets–February’s flower.)


TOMORROW:  Quilting the Carnation–A Free Motion Tutorial

With Affection,


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41 thoughts on “The Language of Flowers

  1. I’m so happy for you Lori! I’ve watched “Sewing With Nancy” for many years and have learned so much from her. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. Congratulations Lori; Nancy Zieman is not only very talented she is such an inspiration for everyone especially those mired in disability & illness. Her resolve to move forward from early childhood through the latest adversity is not only admirable but a “tutorial” for each of us. Please share one of your beautiful posies with Nancy as we know she will treasure your creation. Love the flower of the month idea but must say Carnations are my least favorite flower ever. They remind me of “funeral flowers.”

  3. Congratulations to be on Nancy Zieman show next month. It is not a surprise to read that you are excited. I’ll ask my daughter to register it for me so that I’ll watch at you next time I am visiting her.

  4. You might get a nice flower/gardening fix from watching the show Rosemary and Thyme about two gardener friends in England who solve crimes. Love your quilting! The flower theme is a great idea.

  5. Congrats on “Sewing with Nancy”.
    I too have always been drawn to anything with flowers. Looking forward to machine quilting a flower a month‼
    Thank you so very much. :):)

  6. Sweet! My daughter is studying for a certificate in floral design and we got to go to Longwood Gardens in PA to see their outdoor holiday light display and view the many holiday gardens in their conservatory two days after Christmas. It would be so much fun to be able to create something for my daughter with the quilted flowers. Look forward to following this series.

  7. Smiling at the “Flower of the Month” plan. Maybe by the time mine comes around, I will have my machine set up again (December) ha!. Took all down to make room for company coming & going for Mom’s 100th birthday during 2016.

  8. This sounds great, I’m working on a 9-patch quilt at the moment quilting “Claire’s Peony” in every blank square and it’s looking amazing. I wouldn’t have thought I could produce quilting like this a year ago!
    The only slightly annoying thing is that when I showed my mother-in-law said “oh, I thought you had it all setup and just pushed a button to sew that!”. So then I had to show her how much work it was!

  9. Great idea for our Flower Language. There is a novel we read for bookgroup called the Language of Flowers. It was a good story that you might enjoy. Good for you that you will be on Sewing with Nancy. She is amazing so you should fit right in.

  10. Lori, so excited for you. looking forward to seeing you on Nancy’s show.
    love the idea of the flower of the month. You are always coming up with great new ideas!

  11. I’m so excited to be able to see you on Sewing With Nancy. I tape all her shows and then watch them later. You are both great teachers! Yea! & Congrats!

  12. What a fabulous idea to quilt monthly flowers! I know I can’t wait for flowers to start growing again and this should help with the wait.
    Congratulations on having a show with Nancy Z…what fun. I have been a fan of hers for years.

  13. What exciting news Lori…. you must be delighted! That is interesting that yellow carnations are not a good thing to give to someone…. I once read that yellow roses given by your partner signifies infidelity! Yellow flowers are clearly not best to be given!! Looking forward to the new flower tutorials…. thank you!

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  15. Congratulations, Lori!!!. Timely post as I just got back from a small quilting retreat held where?….at a local Arboretum in my immediate area. Their Wecome Center had great sewing space for our group of 10 quilters.

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