Need a Quick Gift or Christmas Decoration?

Christmas Coasters, FMQ, Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

It is a very busy time of year at the Kennedy household as all of my six children come home for Christmas.  The house is in an uproar with husbands, boyfriends, dogs and GRANDBABIES!!!!  We are shopping, baking, cooking, wrapping, watching Christmas movies (My favorites: We’re No Angels and Christmas in Connecticut–the old one)

In addition, there are big changes in my sewing room–a sneak peek tomorrow!

And to my great disappointment, my trusty camera is on the fritz!  ARGH!


What about YOU? How are you spending your last weeks of 2016?  Is it busy at YOUR house?  Are you doing any stitching?

If you need a few minutes away from it all…

Try this quick tutorial for my free motion quilted coasters

Christmas Coasters, FMQ, Kennedy

Or the coasters designed by Sandy Fitzpatrick from BERNINA We All Sew blog are adorable, too!

Sandy Fitzpatrick for We All Sew


Aren’t the Sunflower Quilts in our show amazing?  I bet you are all inspired!

YOU can do it too!

Voting ends tomorrow, Thursday at noon CST–get your friends and family to vote!

What are YOU working on today?

Can YOU share a link to a quick Christmas or holiday project?

We’d LOVE to hear!



13 thoughts on “Need a Quick Gift or Christmas Decoration?

  1. These are so cute. Anyone would surely love these.
    This year has been difficult. The only bright star was my grand daughter.
    I am grateful for every one and everything every corner and experience this year, but it was mentally exhausting and left me with two hard blows.
    Grieving can be a lonely process. I am grateful that I have my adorable and brave daddy, and family and loved ones and a very sweet husband to get me through. And, one lonely kitty.
    I hope next year will be better. Suffering has ended but loss is ours.
    Thank you Lori for everything you share, most especially your enthusiasm and love of sharing your massive skills
    Merry Christmas. Without Christ we would have nothing.

    • I have missed you on here Rosemary! So sorry for your loss, prayers for you and your family. Merry Christmas and you are right – without Christ we are lost.

  2. Lori, I can’t thank you enough for all your inspiring tutorials. I’m anxious to get your book – that way I can have it beside me when I practice! Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas,

  3. Thank You & Merry Christmas Lori & “All Lori’s Free Motion Quilting” brigade. I’ve had fits & starts all year simply trying to get back to an everyday normal life; at times health gets in the way. However, as so many perseverance with GOD’S mercy & guidance will be my compass. With The New Year are new resolutions & The Blessed Virgin who long ago did her best will be in my every prayer & as others, I too will march forward stronger & more resolute.

  4. I also give an Amen to the Lord’s being the Light of our life – and the world’s.
    And We’re No Angels is my favorite Christmas movie, too! So few have heard of it. Merry Christmas to you.

  5. I made the the coaster set from the Bernina We All Sew. It was really fun and they turned out very nice. I’ve been making dolly blankets and practicing my FMQ on them, amazing how one improves after just one hour of doing the same design over and over. Thank you for your tutorials. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and all things bright and cheerful in the New Year.

  6. Your projects pictured today are wonderful !! Next year I will start early !! LOL Leaving today for St. Augustine, FL until Dec 26 to join our family coming from all over USA. It is a blessing we never expected..They will help us celebrate our 50th. Thank you Lord we made it. Lost some family and friends in 2016..It has been a year of learning to set priorities better than before. Quilting has been a real joy due to local friends and your blog, Lori ! Enjoy your family and cherish each individual. Let the adults in your family do some of the work. I bet you have oodles of hugging to do. The birthday celebration of our Lord serves as a milestone each year to renew our hope we will see Him again..Birth-death-Resurrection. YES!! Thank you to all of you who contribute to making this blog so special. Merry Christmas ! Love, Marta

  7. Last minute stitching of binding on a table runner for Christmas. Plumber coming today, Gotta clean, not enough time.

    • Anna, if you are still at your computer.. it will be OK ! Your runner will be gorgeous and the plumber will have good holiday too. Clean is very important but smiles/hugs are worth more..Give yourself one from me !!

  8. Your Christmas ornements look great. I made some coasters with your apple motif for a friend of mine, and now I am going to make others with your new motifs. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. Best wishes for you and your family.
    I am improving every day my quilting and doodling since I learnt with you. Best wishes for you and your family. Marie

  9. Oh, my gosh, thank you soooo much for this idea. Next year…. LOL. What a great gift, and so easily mailed too. Now that we’ve moved away from our families I am trying to come up with things that we can mail that they would still enjoy. I’m sure with a bit of thinking I can come up with some “non-seasonal” ones to add to the gift and that will be so much fun to do too.
    I finally have my sewing machine set up (moving takes time!) so now I can try to do the sunflower quilt which I’ve been so very anxious to get to. Wish I could have joined in the fun for this, but maybe another time. 🙂
    Thanks for all your wonderful tutorials Lori. You are so inspiring….

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