Doodle Holly for Best Machine Quilting Results

How to Doodle Holly, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

I’m soooo far behind!  After our trip to Chicago, I used all my creative energy (and physical energy) decorating the house for Christmas.  My husband and I are crazy about Christmas. We have an entire storage room dedicated to lights, wreaths, candles, ornaments, linens, art work, vases………..That’s a lot of trips up and down the stairs!

Unfortunately, I did not get to the Tuesday Tutorial….

Fortunately,  BERNINA’s blog, We All Sew is featuring my Pine Bough and Holly tutorial today-including a short video of the stitching process.

It’s fun to watch and I think it is very helpful for many people to see the video as well as to have the step-outs.

How to Doodle Holly, Lori Kennedy


Of course, you should DOODLE FIRST!

Doodling is the fastest way to learn a motif and create the muscle memory required for smooth stitching.

If you hesitate for a fraction of a second while stitching-the line will be less fluid.

The more you doodle, the better your quilting will look!

How to Doodle Holly, Lori Kennedy

Once you know how to doodle the Holly and Pine Bough, use the motif to decorate your notepad, or Christmas packages, or stationery….

How to Doodle Holly, Lori Kennedy

Remember when it comes to doodling, 

and candy and people and presents and Christmas decorations

The More, The Merrier!


Lori Claus

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20 thoughts on “Doodle Holly for Best Machine Quilting Results

  1. I must try this! Your doodling, as well as your stitching, are so pretty! I love the poinsettia stitching in the heading too. I will tell myself that nibbling on Ghiradelli peppermint bark will help in practicing!

  2. OMG, you and are the same! It takes me days to decorate for Christmas. All the pictures, knickknacks, flowers come down and stored and the only things out are Christmas art and decorations. I change out all the dishes and linens. Best of all, every bed gets a Christmas quilt!!

  3. I used it on a table topper last year from your tutorial. It was lovely, but I want to add it to the poinsettia runner too. What is that lovely green quilt underneath? Please show us a tutorial on it too!!!!!

  4. Ah Lori, a kindred “Christmas Crazy”! We also have a storage room, behind my sewing room, that my husband refers to as “The Christmas Room”. It doesn’t only store holiday stuff, but there is a lot! I started decorating the end of November, and am still at it. We’re going to have stay-over company over the holidays, so I also have to decorate the lower level. A friend is hosting two international students over the holidays – one from Holland and one from Kuala Lumpur – and they’ll be joining us for Christmas dinner. I’m sure they’ll think me totally insane for the amount of decora-tions. Oh well, the “Christmas Spirit” makes me happy, and most others who come to visit. Happy hall decking!
    Love love the holly trail. Can’t wait to try it.

  5. you truly are so very talented!!! if I keep following and reading your posts maybe a
    dab of it will rub off on me.

    warmest wishes

    • Hi Lori, When my kids come for Thanksgiving they know they better not step foot out of the house before all Mama’s Christmas boxes are upstairs!!! Love your holly doodles. You are one talented woman!! I have 2 of your classes and at first I thought they were just like your blog and then I realized I can stitch them after watching you do it live on the video! HELLO, worth every cent!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  6. Merry Christmas Lori to you and your family. I am just loving all your posts. Do need to sign up for a class. I have a HQSweetSixteen and really need to use it more. Most excited to get back into my sewing room. And now it is also ski season!! Excited for 2017!

  7. I have so much Christmas “stuff” I have to rotate it over a couple years. And mine is stored in a really nice, but short crawl space. I can’t make too many trips in on the same day. Fortunately I had physical therapy and have some great exercises that help! Merry, MERRY Christmas!

  8. I wondered if you made it out of Chicago! I’ve used my version of your beautiful Holly quite a lot and have a couple quilts waiting for their turn, it’s my favorite! I just kept doodling till I got it to fill the space I needed it too! I love all of your Christmas designs!! Glad you made it home ok… Think it’s about to get artic around here! Time to pull out all the quilts!!

  9. Thanks Lori Claus. I really needed this reminder. My stitching was not as fluid as I like, and I think some pencil work will correct that. Also – I love this holly design. I’ll start with it. 🙂

  10. The entries for the sunflower quilting were lovely. It was hard to chose but I finally decided on Pat Williams #1. # 2 was nice also.

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