Sewing with Renoir



Good Morning, Quilters!

I’m back from a week in Chicago.  I spent half the week at the BERNINA Ambassador Reunion at their (inspiring) Creative Center (much more on that coming soon) and the other half with my husband, daughter and son taking in the sights, sounds and food of downtown Chicago.

The view from the John Hancock building were spectacular!

The food:  Chicago pizza, Italian beefs, Steak house steak…was amazing!


But my favorite–the 90 minutes we spent at The Art Institute of Chicago.


Ninety minutes were too much for my teenage son!

How I wish I had three days…

to sew with Renoir…and the Impressionists!

It just charges my battery to be there.


Everyone loved the Thorne Miniatures--especially the ones dressed for Christmas.



What about YOU?

What inspires YOU?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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14 thoughts on “Sewing with Renoir

  1. I was in Chicago years ago and saw the Thorne miniature rooms. They made such an impression on me because I remember them like yesterday and it was 50 years ago. They are wonderful!

  2. Hi Lori, the Art Institute is one of my all-time favorite places!! Isn’t it wonderful? Glad you got there. Chicago is such a great city.
    And Renoir is in my top 3 favorite artists.

  3. Aha! I surmised that photo yesterday was Chicago! In the first photo posted today, I love the flowers around your neck/shoulders. And Italian beef?? Oh my, My husband has spent 30 years looking for reasonable facsimiles here in the South since moving to FL and GA. He even watches cooking shows hoping for authenticity in a beef sandwich. Carm’s on Roosevelt was his favorite place.Thank you so much for all the photos today!! What a treat to see you! What a treat to see a mini-exhibit from the Institute! This whole post is inspirational !

  4. Art museums are the best for stoking creativity, aren’t they? I find they give me much to think about and refer to when thinking of my own possible work.

  5. So glad you enjoyed your time in Chicago! I grew up there. The Art Institute’s Thorne rooms as well as the Impressionist collections are my favorite parts of the museum.

  6. Your blog inspires me. Getting back to machine quilting after a dry spell was assisted by your tutorials. Thanks for you generosity.

  7. Next time you are in Chicago try some Polish food. I too love visiting the Art Museum and the Architectural cruise on the river is a must in warmer weather.

  8. chicago was my home town for over 40 years. The AI is was a favorite place to visit. When I first went to the Met after moving to NJ I was so disappointed – i just missed the artwork I had come to know so well.
    The miniature rooms were always a favorite. You’ll have to see coleen moore’s doll house at the museum of science and industry.

    • I grew up in LaGrange. My Mother loves the Colleen Moore dollhouse. I understand Mrs Moore and Mrs Thorne were friends!

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