8 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Truthfully, a place I would not want to have to live….I am thankful to be in the countryside. Lord, bless all those who want to be in the country and are stuck in cities….Was that shot taken from the wings of an eagle?

  2. Unlike Marta I miss the convenience of “the city” meaning Manhattan. It was only a step from our home to anything the world offers, along with a cultural mixture of peoples from afar. Churches & museums are much too marvelous for words & the holidays are wonderlands; capable hospitals with the floors filled with the ill who are only to eager to see a head with a smiling face stuck around the corner of the door as they raise their hand in a gentle wave; parents of ill children who need a break for a few seconds grab & clasp you to them in a tightly held “help me” embrace as tears slides down their faces, to those “waiting, & waiting” praying for good news but fearful, leap up as a total stranger joins their group—so good not to have to discuss their sorrows & fears. The churches, filled on Christmas & Easter of those lost & troubled faces yet with longing, & hopeful souls as they too with gratitude in their hearts help fill the boxes with signs reading, “WARM CLOTHES NEEDED” please ask for THE SISTERS OF THE POOR.

    This is not even the tip of what I miss of “the city” & its people. Although I grew up on a farm & love the freedom of the country, nonetheless, it is “the city” that stirs me to my depths. The tall & close buildings, ROCKER-FELLER PLAZA, CENTRAL PARK, & all the boroughs, this is “the city” that I love & have enjoyed writing about while sitting at my grandmothers kitchen table, overlooking the pasture field of Black Angus Cattle & the glistening black & roan horses as they run freely through their field. I too, love the country but today sorely miss “the city!”

  3. loosecannon2, Really enjoyed your commentary.. When we were newly married, we lived in suburban Chicago for few years, where my husband had grown up. We took advantage of all the “treats” there…museums, parks, concerts, etc…hospitals.
    When he got a new job in Ozark Mountains we moved and took our 2 kids with us,
    who were born in the city. I am surprised at how my preferences have changed as I have aged. After living retired in the country for 11 years by a lake, even a small town feels crowded to me.. LOL. I suppose the best part is we all have the freedom to choose where we will live and where we will visit. Bless our dear old USA !

  4. I live on the north shore of Long Island, just a block away from beautiful Long Island Sound. I go to Manhattan often, just 40 miles away, and it is always a thrill. Truly the greatest city in the world! You could offer me a king’s ransom, and I’d still never move far away from that absolutely amazing, diverse, energetic, vibrant city.

    • I grew up near Chicago and miss it. Nice to visit –so much to do and see! Very exciting and stimulating, but I am happy to be back in Minnesota where nature abounds.

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