How to Doodle–Braided Wheat


Doodle Lessons, Braided Wheat

Good Morning, Quilters!

We’re doodling again!

Several weeks ago we worked on The Sweep–An Essential Quilt Doodle.

Quilt Doodles

Then we doodle variations, including leaves

Sweep Doodles, Lori Kennedy

And other variationsdoodles-fmq-lorikennedy001

Today, we are going to turn The Sweep into Braided Wheat by adding a loop in between the pairs of sweeps.

Begin with the basic Sweep.

Add a loop on the center line.

Doodle the left sweep ending below the loop.

Cross over–above the loop to begin the next sweep.

Doodle Lessons, Braided Wheat

Continue to the other side.

Doodle Lessons, Braided Wheat

This only looks complicated.

If you doodle it step-by-step it is easy!

And it’s a doodle that has a nice rocking rhythm–which makes all doodling and quilting easier! Doodle Lessons, Braided Wheat

What do YOU think?

Is this YOUR new favorite doodle?

If not, what Do-you-doodle?

We’d LOVE to hear!

I’m a Yankee DOODLE Dandy…

Stuck a feather in my hat….


PS…YOU will have to sing that for three days now before it goes out of your head–LOL!!!

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10 thoughts on “How to Doodle–Braided Wheat

  1. Oh great … ANOTHER earworm. I already have “what do you do with a drunken sailor” stuck in my head, now THIS! Nope nope, not going to take on Yanky Doodle.
    Love the braided wheat by the way. Looks like fun. Amazing what comes from a simple sweep.

  2. This is so fun! I discovered quickly when doodling it, though, that I will have to mark the lines. My doodle has a wonderful ‘shrinking’ quality to it as I move up the line! Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to use this in long, skinny triangles.

  3. I have been doodling this motif all week. Still looks rather wonky but getting better with time. My worst problem is the right side of the braid. Those leaves just keep getting skinnier and skinnier. Love this motif so I hope I can conquer it.

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