Sunflower Sampler-Week 4-Linear Fills


Good Morning, Quilters!

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If you are stitching along with us, your quilt should look something like the photo below.

WEEK ONE-Marking

WEEK TWO-Stitch the Center

WEEK THREE Stitch the Petals

Sunflower Sampler, FMQ, Lori Kennedy


In week one, we divided the quilt into eight sections.  Today we will stitch one of the upper right and one of the lower left sections.

Do not be rigid about these lines…If you fill in a little more (as I did) or a little less–that’s just fine.


We have an opportunity to choose a new thread at this point in the quilt.

For my original Sunflower Sampler (photo below) I used the same thread throughout the entire project.

Same thread: Option One.

Sunflower Sampler, FMQ, Lori Kennedy

Thread Option Two

Use a different thread for the background fill.  The thread could be lighter, darker or a variegated thread.

I decided to go with a variegated thread that is mostly lighter than the fabric background.

Look at your threads and have fun with this.

You can’t go wrong–any choice will work great!

Sunflower Sampler, FMQ, Lori Kennedy


Stitch narrowly spaced lines to fill in the lower section of the quilt.  The key here is to get as close as possible to the petals stitched last week.  Really getting in to the nooks and crannies of the flower will give the petals more definition.


If the distance feel cumbersome–stitching lone lines can be awkward, divide the space and stitch two rows of narrowly spaced lines.

It is probably best to NOT divide the space in half…make it more angular or curved to keep the look more organic.  Add a few perpendicular lines and then continue filling in the space.



Two options for this section…

Either fill it with more straight line quilting as we did in the lower left section, or fill it with The Twist

If the Twist is difficult to  stitch in long stretches–divide the space and add rows of the motif.

It will look great!

Sunflower Sampler, FMQ, Lori Kennedy

When you are finished, the quilt should look something like the photo below.

The Sunflower is stitched and the upper and lower corners are stitched.  We still have the border and the other sections to quilt.


Sunflower Sampler, Week Four

Tomorrow we will see another way to use these techniques to make your next quilt border POP!!

See you then!

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