The Nutcracker-Act One

Nutcracker, FMQ, Quilting Pattern

Good Morning, Quilters!

Last year I had an idea to make a life-size nutcracker to hang on my wall.

But like most ideas-even good ones–it crashed into the Time Crunch Wall.

So I tucked a few sketches into a folder for 2016…

Nutcracker, FMQ, Quilting Pattern

This is larger than most of my projects, so I have a several technical issues to work out.

But I thought you might like to follow along as I work through the challenges.

Nutcracker, FMQ, Quilting Pattern

The first challenge is to draw an outline of a Nutcracker–a small-scale pattern.

The second challenge is finding the best way to enlarge the pattern.

To the printer?  or just do a scaled drawing?

Nutcracker, FMQ, Quilting Pattern

I’ll let you know more next week…

What about YOU do YOU have any Christmas projects that didn’t make the cut last year?

We’d  LOVE  to hear!

Merry Stitching,


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43 thoughts on “The Nutcracker-Act One

  1. I have a snowflake applique wall hanging project that I started last year–I have the snowflakes cut out. I’m not sure I’ll get to it this year–we’ll see!
    I’m excited to watch your progress with the nutcracker!

  2. Love that you will be sharing the whole process with us. This will be a stunning wall hanging. Thanks Lori

  3. I have a huge deer head with antlers Nan that look like tree branches. Its waiting for me to decide on quilting. I wont do meandering or stipple, i promise.

    • LOL! Just dont stipple over the whole quilt. I have a woodgrain tutorial thats easy and might work!

  4. You draw well! and I love that you’re going to let us peek into your process and hover over your shoulder. I started a set of hunter’s star table toppers last year. I’d thought to give them as individual gifts, but some friends decided they looked nice as a triptych. I thought it might be an interesting idea but got stuck on how to proceed. The FMQ is already done, so it just needs binding or framing, etc.

  5. My children and niece and nephew are all moving onto their first apartments so I wanted to make tree skirts for them. Making them without the hole enables the person to use them as skirts, table toppers or wall hangings. Due to the “Time Crunch” I decided on placemats and runners instead. Of course, after your lovely “Sunflower to Poinsettia Sampler” I still might not get to the tree skirts.

    Lori – what kind of fabric do you use for your quilting demos? The colors are so rich. I’d like to find a bundle of it, with my name on it, under the tree Christmas morning.

  6. I started a tree skirt last year but didn’t get too far on it. After giving birth to my son this past May I doubt I will get to it this year as well, but we sure will enjoy his first Christmas! It’s all about priorities, right. And besides, there is always next year…

  7. I know it’s going to be awesome! Thanks for sharing your creative process with us. Love your tutorials and Craftsy classes. Excited for your book to be published.

  8. I made a 5 foot wooden Grinch several years ago and needed my pattern enlarged. Kinkos has a large self service printer that worked well for me.

  9. I have all the fabrics and pattern for a lovely Christmas quilt. It’s bright and happy, just what I’ve been looking for. This is also the second year it’s been sitting on the shelf. I seem to be working on smaller projects lately. Maybe next year!!!

  10. I have an advent calendar that needs to be quilted and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to get finished this year either. 🙂

  11. Love your idea! I will follow with interest. I have a Christmas tree wall hanging that has been in the works for more than a year. I finally worked up the courage to machine applique it. It is now basted and awaiting quilting. No idea what to do with it!

  12. Love your sketch of the nutcracker and cannot wait to see the finished project! Thank you so much for your tutorials. They have been so helpful for me.

  13. I bought several shades of green material and metallic thread to make a large Christmas Tree wall hanging ,carefully placed it all in a box under the bed in the guest room where it remains.
    I am grateful that you share so much ,you inspire me to keep going one project at a time.

  14. OMG A nutcracker! one of my all time favourites decorations at this time of year. Hopefully there will be a pattern available in the near future. Cheers

  15. Thanks for letting us watch your process, Lori! Can’t wait to see the finished product! I have two (yes, read it and weep…two…) “Merry Christmas Y’all” wall hangings that are pieced, appliqued, and sandwiched…..for over a year. I just can’t make myself sit down and quilt them. I keep sliding other projects before them in my queue. Maybe next week??? ?

  16. I love nutcrackers! They are such Sentinels of Christmas! I love your idea to make a lifesize quilt of one. Can’t wait to see it! Keep us in the loop…I may attempt one myself. Still trying to make some Christmas Placemats that I never got to last year!

  17. I had started a train quilt for my grandnephew for his Christmas 2015 present (by started, I mean I pulled out the fabric, put it up on my design wall, and waited for inspiration – which wouldn’t come 🙁 ) So I decided that rather than just make something I wasn’t happy with, I gave him another gift and worked on other projects. Then in the spring I ran across the cutest pattern of a locomotive and three cars – perfect for Vinnie. I adapted the pattern, added some of my own flourishes, and finished the binding Monday. It’s adorable – my hubby said that if Vinnie didn’t like it, he would take it back and use it himself 😉 Vinnie is gaga over trains, so I think Russ’ comment will be moot.

  18. I am excited to follow along and see how you develop this cutie into a beauty. I love Nutcrackers and am hoping to sort of follow along as you post your thoughts!

  19. An overhead projector is what I use to make all my patterns life-size. I used to borrow the one at the church until they finally just game me the extra one they had in the closet.

    • My favorite BERNINA feet are #24 open toe embroidery–for free motion quilting, #37 for piecing and I’m experimenting with the new ruler foot #72.
      You may be thinking of an article on We All Sew-that I was included in–

  20. Suggestion on making your drawing bigger…I had a small 2″ x 3″ picture of a bear that I wanted to enlarge so I borrowed a projector, the kind our teachers used in school. I put the picture on the bed and projected the picture on a wall, which I had taped a big piece of brown paper. Moving the projector, closer or further from the wall, until I had the size I wanted, 30″ x 45″. I then traced the picture on to the brown paper. Instant big pattern. Worked out great for me.

  21. Ditto the overhead projector comments. I’m a teacher and with the advent of document cameras and hanging projectors I don’t really need the overhead anymore. It gets more use for quilting than for teaching!

  22. Last year I had an idea to do an applique of my dog by a Christmas tree, but I never did anything with it. This year I had an idea to hang a quilt over the nook above my fireplace (the spot where the tv is supposed to go). So I combined those ideas and used a lighted Christmas tree panel from Missouri Star Quilt Company and it turned out really cute.

  23. This will be fun to see your nutcracker come to life!
    I recently finished a Christmas table topper I started 3 1/2 years ago at a retreat. I used your beginner loops on the border. Turned out great!

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