6 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. This interesting photo reminds me of my dear departed father-in-law. They had retired from Chi Town to Neillsville, WI. We would ride together to Red Wing or Eau Claire or Marshfield through the country side watching for forests of Autumn colors. Every time we passed a building in the state of the one in this photo, he would say, “Look, they
    have air conditioning and with no monthly payment…it is free!” His ethnic background was full of notoriety for keeping their money under the mattress. 😉

  2. A good thing you were OUTSIDE the structure (and I use the term loosely) than inside when you took the photo. It looks like a good wind would blow it away. The next big snowstorm may be its last. On a small island, like where we live, “country” is not far away, and many old swayback barns dot the landscape. Yours, however, looks like it’s been picked clean … like a big game of jingo 🤔

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