10 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Dancing sunbeams! Luv everything about this one! Interesting that her bio says she “died suddenly in her studio”. Appropriate for her life’s passion but mysterious, too (medicine has come a long ways since then, thankfully).

  2. Just think how hard it was to create beautiful work without the advantage of great lighting and tools…..we have amazing women to emulate

  3. this is just amazing–the luminosity on the china cup, the little Siamese cat’s proportions, the fold marks in the table cloth, the glare she captures–such detail and richness and yet the beautiful stream of light coming in from the window bends strangely. i think it must have looked exactly like that because she has captured everything so perfectly. i just love this one!!!

  4. I love this. Had to put this one on pin interest gave you credit. I just love the light used in this painting. Really beautiful. Thank you for bringing us fine art in sewing.

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