7 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Oh, my goodness. My favorite ! Sheep…I collect pictures of sheep.These two are
    in a great place for a portrait.. up against their red barn. Hmmm, curious but cautious. That is wisdom. I can’t say enough good things about the photo itself…love all the directional lines of the barn and fences. The bucket handle curved thru the meandering vines. And there are the woolly sheep, to offer soft comfortable relief from the plane of the lines..and best of all: parent/child portrait. YES!

  2. The red in that barn is the best!!! Bet the ewe and her lamb are glad for their wool coat at the moment!! Did winter arrive at your house…looked like it on the forecast. That warm weather had me feeling like the holidays were a ways off yet….now I’m just a little bit in panic mode!! LOL! Hope you get to spend the Holidays with those grandbabies. Wishing you the best. Ness

  3. Love the photo! .. as I too love sheep; as a knitter I love their wool and after seeing a newborn lamb I understand why people love them too. I think those sheep are thinking, “go ahead and take our picture. We may not look it but we are thankful that it is Thanksgiving – where turkey is the main meal and not Easter!”

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