More Sweep Doodles-Leaves

Sweep Doodles, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters and Doodlers!

Today is a doodle day!

Last time we had Doodle Class, we were working on one of the essential quilt doodles,  The Sweep

Once you are comfortable with basic right and left Sweeps,

Add on to the Sweep here

Be sure to review both of these lessons before beginning today’s lesson.


Sweep Doodles, Lori Kennedy

To make this lovely leaf,

Begin by doodling the basic sweep (lower of the two doodles below)

Then “Sweep” back-from right to left with a shallow “sweep”.

Sweep Doodles, Lori KennedyWhen you combine the two lines…they make a leaf.

Sweep Doodles, Lori KennedyOnce you feel comfortable with the right leaf,

Doodle a page of left leaves.

Sweep Doodles, Lori Kennedy

Start with the lower doodle and add the upper doodle from the photo below….

Sweep Doodles, Lori KennedyRepeat several Leaves to create a vine.

Sweep Doodles, Lori KennedyNext, alternate right and left leaves for a new design.

Sweep Doodles, Lori Kennedy

For more detail, add a loop inside each leaf…

Sweep Doodles, Lori KennedyAnd alternate right and left to create this gorgeous vine.

Sweep Doodles, Lori KennedyAny one of these motifs would be perfect for a quilt border.

Choose YOUR favorite and go right to the sewing machine!



Tomorrow:  Let’s ALL share tips for quilting The Big Quilt on The Little Machine–Open Line Friday!

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9 thoughts on “More Sweep Doodles-Leaves

  1. Hi Lori! Thank you for all the tips and especially your Craftsy class. Loving it! I keep going back and then, tah dah, I get these great tips from you via email.
    I’m pretty sure I won’t see you for the holidays (grin) so happiest Holidays to you, yours and all your readers, students. 🙂

  2. Oooooooo … aren’t you the clever bunny, turning a simple sweep into a vine of stacked leaves. Does your mind ever rest? It must be a ‘lady dog’ trying to sleep with all those ideas swirling around in your head 😍

  3. That would be just perfect in rich brown with some appliqued red berries and gold cording for highlights ’bout 30″ round table cover. I would love even the beta version! I can see it now……XXO KEK

  4. I have both your Craftsy classes and I am learning ever so slowly..I have found a way to express myself in quilting… thankfully with inspired teachers we can all succeed.
    Thanks (another Minnesotan)

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