Sunflower Sampler-Finishing the Background

Sunflower Sampler, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

I’m so happy to hear how enthusiastic you all have been about our Sunflower Samplers!  Seems many of you are experiencing great success!  So let’s continue right along by finishing the background.

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Today we are going to complete the background fills.


Fill the background with alternating Curvy and Straight motifs.  

Alternating curvy and straight motifs gives the design contrast–Read more about Design Contrast HERE.

Contrast makes each section more visible.

Sunflower Sampler, Lori Kennedy

Try Starry Night

Starry Night-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Sunflower Sampler, Lori Kennedy

And The Oyster Shell


Oyster Shell Free Motion Quilting

Sunflower Sampler, Lori Kennedy

Sunflower Sampler, Lori Kennedy

Then fill in the remaining sections with zig zag quilting.


Sunflower Sampler, Lori Kennedy

And Straight Line Quilting
Sunflower Sampler, Lori Kennedy

Doesn’t that look FABULOUS???

Next week we will add the finishing touches on our Sunflower Sampler including the borders and corner squares.

And then we’ll look at  a few variations.

PLUS--A Sunflower Sampler Quilt Show (with prizes) for “Reader’s Choice”!

Can’t wait to see what YOU create!!!

Sunny Quilting!


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8 thoughts on “Sunflower Sampler-Finishing the Background

  1. I was travelling in Ireland with my daughter and then I had to prepare my quilting group exhibition now ready to take place on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20. For these reasons I had no time to follow you until now but I am looking forward to quilt that wonderful sunflower, perhaps next week.
    Alternating different kinds of background quiltings what a good and poetic idea making us imagine the whole life of your sunflower from dawn to starry night, among flowers and sun rays.
    Thanks a lot for gathering in a same sampler a lot of the quiltings I studied with you during that last months
    Best wishes from Marie

  2. I love your samplers and your vase quilts. I am trying to quilt a 53″ x 53″ wall hanging, and I am having a terrible time with all the bulk of the quilt as I try to turn it and quilt. At present I’m using my walking foot, but at first I tried with my free-motion foot. Can you give us any hints on how to manage a large quilt?

    • Ditto that question. Dealing with the bulk, including the pull from its weight, is a perpetual problem for me, too. I’ve tried every recommended way from the roll to the nest to a hoop. But, the fact remains that at some point, I still have a heavy bulk in my lap that pulls against movement.

  3. Re the questions above- One thing that has helped me is to do the preliminary outlining of the block (when appropriate) or some subunit in a large quilt. I used my walking foot for that stabilizing stitching and then switched to FMQ for the designs within that smaller space. Lori wrote about outlining in one of her blogs and I really appreciated the difference that made for me as it helps to minimize the amount of pulling or tugging and distortion as you maneuver the larger quilt.

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