Sunflower Sampler–Adding Curvy Fills

Sunflower FMQ Sampler, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

We’re stitching right a long on our Sunflower Samplers, but first I want to answer your questions about thread.


I have been using Aurifil, 28 weight cotton for the Sunflower Sampler and for the Annie Smith project (see yesterday’s post)  Whenever I use heavy weight thread on top, I use a lighter weight thread in the bobbin.  I use Aurifil cotton 50 wt in the bobbin.  This allows the top thread to win the tension “tug-of-war” more readily and it lasts longer than a heavy weight thread would.  As for color, I usually match the color of thread with the top thread.  If there are any areas where the tension is not perfect, it will not be noticeable.

A Topstitch 90 needle is my “go-to” needle for FMQ.  It has a very large eye, a sharp point and it has a deep groove in the shaft of the needle that helps protect the thread from breakage.  I

Sunflower Sampler, Week Four


If you have been following along, your Sunflower is stitched and two sections have been filled with linear designs.  If you need to catch up here are the links?

Week One-Marking

Week Two-Stitch the Center

Week Three-Stitch the Petals

Week Four-Linear Fills


This week we are going to add curvy designs next to the linear fills.  Choose any curvy design YOU like.  I added Pebbles in the right corner.

Be sure to tuck those little circles into the petals to give them more definition.

If you’d like an easier option, try Flower Power.

Sunflower FMQ Sampler, Lori Kennedy

Sunflower FMQ Sampler, Lori Kennedy

In the upper left corner add another curvy design.

You can repeat whatever you added in the opposite corner–Pebbles or Flower Power, or pick a new curvy design.  I used The Dizzy Daisy.

Sunflower FMQ Sampler, Lori Kennedy

Sunflower FMQ Sampler, Lori Kennedy

Your quilt will look something like this:

Sunflower FMQ Sampler, Lori Kennedy

Sunflower Love!

Happy Quilting,


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16 thoughts on “Sunflower Sampler–Adding Curvy Fills

  1. Thank you Lori! This is a lovely QAL and I am learning so much. The thread I used last week in the background was darker than I would have liked so I had to retrace the petals of the sunflower….. all part of the learning process!

  2. Lori, am loving the pumpkin quilt along! Wanted to let you know I received the thread giveaway from Sulky!!! So thrilled! Thank you and Sulky again for your generosity.

  3. Practicing with this little project quickly became my Saturday morning treat–just a short break at the end of the week. Thank you.

  4. I finally got all the materials and the time to do this quilt-a-long. I made the quilt sandwich yesterday and all the markings, then I spent today doing all the quilting until I was caught up with you. It is SO beautiful! I just keep admiring it, Lori, and can’t believe something so pretty is just plain fabric and thread. I am using a bright yellow fabric for the background, and then an orange-yellow Superior New-Brites 30 wt. thread with a matching 50 wt. cotton thread in the bobbin. I have wanted to do your quilt-a-longs before but just never got going. I’m so glad I’m doing this one and learning as I go! Thanks you for this project.

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