6 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Thanks for brooadening my horizons. I would probably never read about these artists, but I am reading and learning about the artists you post.

  2. How very soothing… and when the coffee pot finishes, she will have a cup and continue stitching…..me, too….with chocolate in it! Whoa… I think she is “expecting” as we used to say ! No coffee for awhile, mommy! wait on the caffeine as we know nowadays..And I think this portrait composed itself. Mr. Dessar grabbed the opportunity. He produced a lovely rendition.Will go look for more of his work now.

  3. Good light always helps when you are trying to find your mistake in a project knit on #2 needles! And if she is “expecting”, you know it will be a fine yarn on small needles. Thanks for finding all the “moments in time” you post on Saturdays.

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