Happy Halloween!


Jack-O-Lantern, FMQ, Lori Kennedy

Happy Halloween, Quilters!

After working for hours and hours on Annie Smith’s Appliqué:  Love is Spoken Here,

I needed a little treat before I could trick myself into conquering the overdue laundry…

Jack-O-Lantern, FMQ, Lori Kennedy

Jack-o-Lantern Quilt, Whole cloth Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Old Jack here seemed like just the ticket.

Jack-o-Lantern Quilt, Whole cloth Quilt, Lori Kennedy

The step-by-step tutorial for the Jack-o-Lantern can be found at BERNINA’s We All Sew blog HERE

And a one minute VIDEO of me stitching it HERE

Jack-o-Lantern Quilt, Whole cloth Quilt, Lori Kennedy

I used Aurifil’s 28wt cotton from Annie Smith’s collection…

(If you’re at Market-please find Annie and take a picture with our quilt–and send the photos to me!!)

Jack-o-Lantern Quilt, Whole cloth Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Now I’m off to bind my little quilt…and then to the store to buy treats….

Milk Duds, Red Licorice, Milky Way, Tootsie Rolls, Smarties….

What’s YOUR favorite treat?

We’d LOVE to hear!



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28 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Caramels !!! Candy Corn !!! Love pumpkins…they were subject of my first art piece many years ago….a wood block print. Question: I know you may have answered this a hundred times but…. What kind of batting is making the Jack faces so plump? Or, is it the closely sewn quilting inbetween that makes them look like they ate my caramels ? Thank you..

  2. I think I’m coming to your house! My choice of candy…if its for me…would be candy corn, good & plenty, smarties, and mild duds. Your pumpkin quilt is so cute!

  3. I really like your Jack quilting! Must go off and watch the video of you quilting this to get some hints. For treats, I could live on anything with dark chocolate but I also love Kit Kats and Tootsie Pops (because they last soooo long) and my husband is a huge tootsie roll eater. Yes, his dentist loves him too.

  4. Halloween candy is like finished quilts because there are very few that I don’t like! When we were kids, after Trick or Treating, we sat exhausted on the living room floor and poured out our pillowcases full of candy to review, sort and trade our “booty” – early experience in trading stocks. The last candy that anyone wanted or ate in our house were the peanut butter caramels wrapped in orange or black paper – I even love those!
    What a fun holiday- Happy Halloween to all!

  5. Maybe if I would use my hands to get some quilting done, they would be too busy to be unwrapping Snickers, Milky Ways, Twix and anything else with chocolate and/or caramel.

  6. I give the Trick or Treaters what I like, so if there are leftovers, I have a treat! Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Milky Ways…and a cauldron of quarters…and as a special
    treat for older kids: Ghirardelli caramel-filled squares (one said last year: thanks soo
    much…and to his comrades: she has the “good stuff”)…Happy Halloween!!

  7. Halloween candy?? Unlike Gypsybaker I buy the candy I don’t like – so I still have some for the kids! I will buy Snickers, DH likes those, but I don’t. I also buy Hershey Kisses. Because I’ve never heard of anyone doing something bad to them. AND if they are left over I’m ready to make PB Kiss cookies for the holidays!! Happy Haunting to all! doni @ Oregon coast

  8. I definitely buy what I like – anything chocolate! By the way, we haven’t had trick or treaters for the 20 years we have lived in the country, but I still buy candy because I would feel terrible if anyone came to our unlit door! – LOL! Love your pumpkins. Wondering what we will see for November!

  9. Love the Jack-o-lantern! We don’t have any little spooks in our neighborhood; but all the grands and adults end up here for chili and hot dogs after trick or treating. Of course, there is a candy exchange also! Happy Halloween!! Never met a piece of candy I couldn’t like!! Lol!

  10. Candy apples were the best ,sadly no one does that anymore. So the next best thing for me is anything chocolate. Very adorable quilt, can’t wait to try this . Thank you 😂

  11. I usually go for most any kind of chocolate but sometimes I get a hankering for smarties, sweet tarts, twizzlers and nerds.
    You recently started following my quilting design board on pinterest and it made me feel very honored and happy! I had to tell someone, so told hubby since he was sitting here near me. He didn’t have a clue what I was talking about or who you are. Oh well.

    • LOL, it took 2 years before SpouseMan knew who I was talking about without being re-informed. He is a retired cost accountant and loves his lazyboy way too much…IMHO. Thus I “let” him help me with any math
      problems in my sewing. He has even gotten good at color combination choices. I call him my “every man on the street” opinion giver. It is too
      easy for me to adventure over into something weird. I supply chocolate in any form for his advisory capacity to my quilting. This time it was Lindt Dark Caramel with a touch of Sea Salt bar.

  12. Bought a bunch of candy “just in case”, but Trick Or Treating is not big here (yet). I live in Italy. Of course, if you DON’T have candy, some poor child gets very disappointed….

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