A Sneak Peek at a Work in Progress

Annie Smith Applique, Lori Kennedy Machine Quilting

Good Morning, Quilters!

I’ve been busy, busy, busy stitching away on a quilt for my friend, Annie Smith.

You may remember that  I quilted one of her blocks several months ago...I was nervous to get started because Annie’s appliqué and designs are award-winning. (She wrote The Ultimate Applique Guidebook: 150 Patterns, Hand & Machine Techniques, History, Step-by-Step Instructions, Keys to Design & Inspiration (including some of the motifs you see here)  AND…

Annie is a Quilt Judge!

Did you ever notice that being nervous makes your quilting worse, not better?

I had to put away my desire for perfection and just start quilting.

Once I relaxed, the stitches flowed  better.

Annie Smith, Applique, Machine Quilting


Recently, Annie was asked to be an Aurifil designer.  She got to choose 2 sets of 10 threads that will be marketed with her name and her quilt on the label.  As part of the promotion, Annie created two quilts and asked me to quilt them!

I was delighted, and (again) nervous…

Annie Smith Applique, Lori Kennedy Machine Quilting

The flowers are beautiful, and look stunning on the black background… but I have never quilted on black before so this took me out of my comfort zone…(and you know, we are always told that’s supposed to be a good thing?!?)


The good news…I had all of the colors in Aurifil’s new Annie Smith Collection available as my palette.


I started the machine quilting as outlined in my  Eight Step to Quilting on Appliqué 

free motion quilting, appliqué

To give the design unity, I replicated some of the appliqué motifs in the machine quilting.


The bright colored thread added emphasis to a few design details, while the darker thread receded into the background.


I chose a dark brown thread on the black background.  This allowed the quilting to be visible, while not competing with the appliqué.


Annie will be showing the full quilt at Quilt Market in Houston this weekend when Aurifil introduces her new thread collection!

Can’t wait to see her standing in front of the finished quilt!

Photos to follow….

Now back to a little (very little) house cleaning, laundry and maybe I’ll make dinner this week?!

Oh–and emails…I’m way behind on emails…so if YOU sent me an email….

Blame Annie!


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46 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek at a Work in Progress

  1. The dark brown looks terrific on the black. I have several black background quilts that I need to quilt. I bought grey thread for one of them. Thanks for suggesting the brown. I will have to try that on one of them.

  2. Not only stunning, but very inspirational. I sew love to come for a visit. Not a post goes by that I don’t learn a little something. Slowly, it all sinks in! Thank you for all of the sharing that you do.

  3. I can’t wait to see this at market! It’s SO perfect, Lori, you did a wonderful job of coordinating your quilting with Annie’s beautiful (colorful!) design. What a great idea to use brown on black.

  4. Wow, Lori your quilting is just phenomenal!! This is such a stunning quilt but it has been really brought to life by the quilting. Working on black must be really scary!! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt! Christine x

  5. Absolutely gorgeous quilting on an already lovely piece. You do great work. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to see the finished product.

  6. Did you shudder at first at the thought of brown on black? I would thinks so. But, it is absolutely the perfect thing and the whole picture is perfection… and, why would we expect anything else?

  7. Dear, dear Lori,
    But for you, I probably wouldn’t be a FMQer. I began following you in March of 2015, doodling pads of paper, stitching piles of Quilt sandwiches. Once we communicated wit me directly; I was happy. I persevere and have just given a Granddaughter my first completely FMQed offering.
    The Quilt you are making for Annie Smith is beyond lovely. Looking at it and reading your words prompts me to step into the world of Appliqué. Thank you for sharing this with us. Please write more, I think we all learn from you.
    Much love ❤️ Jacqueline Lambie

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