14 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. What will artist paint in the future?? Women and children on their cell phones or IPad’s?? How rarely do we see children and women sitting sewing:( together!!

  2. I so enjoy seeing the paintings you share……Did you ever consider developing a book ]
    with all of these wonderful paintings of seamstresses?

  3. Lori,

    This is so lovely; I like others I am sure remember our own mothers & grandmothers teaching us how to embroider with tea towels, handkerchiefs, & other small “non important” pieces. As Lynda D. remarked what will be painted now with cell phones, I-Pads & other electronic media having taken over? Sad that this is lost.

  4. I wonder if she’s teaching her daughter how to Tat (? lost art). It’s a lovely painting. The little girl maybe was thinking that it’s not that easy to do.
    Thanks for sharing art.

  5. Thank you for your Saturday paintings. It is so fun to teach a young person sewing, and it is a reward for saying yes to an opportunity that may come up……another quilter I know now has developed a nice little bit of income from teaching children in her home so pass on the skills!

  6. Are you familiar with Mary Cassatt’s “Young Mother Sewing”? I have a print that hangs by my sewing machine. I love her work. Thank you for sharing these beautiful paintings.

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