15 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. This farmer is blessed every year, I think! I see a few fat looking ears..Harvest is nigh…The animals will be well provided for during the winter.

  2. What is it about barns that attract people? They evoke a wonderful feeling in a lot of people. Even though they are really a symbol of hard work, they also are a symbol of family and love of one’s country, I think. Yes, it is a lovely fall photo, Lori. Thanks for that.

  3. I like Karen’s comment. All of us having grown up on farms know only too well that she is right about the hard work involved, the family needed for the all out effort for harvest, & in my day were “Country Loving Families with an Abiding Love for The Flag.” This was my family at least & the barn is evocative of an American Way of Life that is now unfamiliar to so many. And, the picture is a good one Lori, your many talents amaze. Thank You ever so much for the picture.

  4. Wonderful picture. Even tho I wasnt raised on a farm this picture draws you in ….I can smell the corn fields, the hay, the cows and I can feel the serenity. Beautiful….captures America. May God bless our country.
    Lois Borton

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