Seamstresses in Fine Art


William Wallace Gilchrist, Jr. (1879-1926)


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4 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Oh what a sweet painting. I hope she gets a daily massage every day for her neck!!
    This sale looks dangerously wonderful.
    Yikes, I am going to find some great bargains.

  2. Oh my what a lovely painting… He “done good” !! Let’s see, she was ready almost to depart for the ball…petticoat on, hair style done…uh oh, small tear or loose button.! Better fix it now! OR maybe Granny said I am old enough now to lower decolletage a bit…… But I am puzzled by the wavy floor, Mr. Gilchrist! Did Matthew come by and
    leave a souvenir? Gee whiz, I would love to see her looking in her full length mirror after she dons the dress.

  3. Having trouble finding the Boundless stack shown in the photo above here on Craftsy. Is it fat quarters or ….. ? Thanks..

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