Email Anyone???

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Hello?  Anyone there?

We have nearly 10,000 email subscribers to The Inbox Jaunt and I have my suspicions that some of you are not receiving email notification of current posts from The Inbox Jaunt….

I have been a bit sporadic in my blogging…and I have written posts later in the day…but it seems something is amiss.

Did you get this post via email?  Or did you just go The Inbox Jaunt directly on the internet?

Please leave a comment either way.

I may need to call in an expert…anyone know one?


Lonely Lori




1,321 thoughts on “Email Anyone???

  1. Hello Lori,

    As I have not had internet for a few days, I am apologizing for the lateness. I received this via email. THANK YOU for all that you do and for ALL the wonderful advice and inspirations.

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